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RFP Template
Free Download

Download our free Rapid RFP Template to get your technology selection process started quickly.

The RFP Template is a basic version of our RRFP document and is ideal for those wanting to issue the RFP themselves without support from Viewpoint Analysis

The RFP template contains prompts and suggestions for the content that you may want to include in your RFP document.

Colorful Binders

An RFP (Request for Proposal) is a formal document issued to suppliers when asking for a proposal for a given product or service.

The RFP is usually issued to a 'shortlist' of suppliers and follows on from an RFI (Request for Information) which generally is issued to a 'longlist' of potential options. The RFI narrows down the longlist to a shortlist and makes the issue of the RFP more manageable. 


Want to learn how to run your own Rapid RFP - download our whitepaper to hear the inside scoop!

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How, what happens?

Issuing the

The RFP Template should make writing the RFP that much easier. However, it is really important that the RFP is issued correctly:

  • Let the vendors know it is coming.

  • Issue it to a shortlist - no more than 5 or 6.

  • Limit the questions spreadsheet.

  • Be clear on your timelines.

Making mistakes when issuing the RFP will almost always lead to a reduced number of partners submitting bids.


Selection process options and choices

RFI Template

If you are still in the early stages, an RFP might not be what you need right now. A Request for Information (RFI) is a great initial step and where you can move from a 'longlist' of potential options to the shortlist who will then receive your RFI.

Our Free RFI Template can be found at the link below. Like the RFP template, it features a basic version of our 'Rapid RFI'.

We publish a series of FREE 'Technology Longlist Guides'. Each looks at a different area (e.g. HR technology) and suggests vendors that may be worth your consideration.

If you are looking to issue your RFP but want advice on the vendors that could be useful, the Longlists might be what you need.


Whatever technology you need to find, our Vendor Selection Services will help at every step of the process - from our Matchmaker to our Rapid RFI and Rapid RFP.

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