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Account Research

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We help technology vendors understand their market and customers better - so that they can get the right messages, to the right contacts, at the right time to FIND customers that are suitable for what they sell.

Our Account Research Services cover all the bases - ABM (Account-Based Marketing), Strategic Accounts, and DBM (Deal-Based Marketing), no matter the need.


Our team of former software sales leaders knows what the sales and marketing team needs to be successful. We put the time and effort into the research so your team can focus on what they do best - selling.


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You have your account list - the accounts that you and your team need to sell to, but where do you start?

Account Profiling is the starting point for many marketing and sales professionals. Finding out more about the company that you need to sell to.

It takes time to do - time that most teams just do not have - and that's where Viewpoint Analysis fits in. Just give us the company names and we do the rest.


ABM & Strategic Account

Our ABM Account Research and Strategic Account Research services help the sales and/or marketing teams to better communicate with their prospective customers. 

We ensure that you understand the business, its opportunities, and challenges, and that you have a full understanding of the key contacts that you really must meet. 

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DBM Account

Do you have a new key opportunity entering your sales funnel? Our Deal-Based Marketing Account Research service helps your marketing and sales team to better understand and target your new prospective customer.

Let Viewpoint Analysis research the business so that you can fully understand the customer, their strategy and needs, and the contacts that you really must be marketing and selling to.




We are happy to share examples of our account research. Please get in touch if you would like a copy and to understand more about how we can help.

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