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Viewpoint Analysis was set up to help businesses to quickly find and select the BEST technology to meet their needs, and to help IT vendors to be found. We sit in that unusual spot between the vendor and the customer - a unique position like no other.

We monitor over 4,000 enterprise technology businesses through our Viewpoint Analysis Technology List. This deep understanding of the tech market powers our different services - from our Technology Matchmaker, where we bring the world's leading technology vendors to your door, to our industry reports (Longlists), vendor profiles, and our vendor selection services.

We don't resell. We don't implement technology. We don't refer leads for money. We are a matchmaker. Our sole focus is to help businesses find technology and to help technology vendors find new business.

Viewpoint Analysis services are focused on the end customer. We help them in the critical procurement process where they need to find what's available in the market, reduce that to a shortlist, and select their preferred vendor.

why us?

Our team has decades of experience working for some of the very best and most well-known IT vendors in the industry - from blue-chip mega-vendors to startups and scaleups.

The business was founded and is run by Phil Turton. A veteran of hundreds of sales processes (working for SAP, HP, SuccessFactors, and Informatica) in which he has seen the best (and not so good) approaches to vendor engagement and selection. Working with customers as diverse as Aston Martin, NatWest, Kingfisher, British Airways, Compass Group, JLL, Aviva, Sage, General Electric, JCB, and many, many more.

It is this experience that enables us to understand how an IT vendor works from the inside out. It drives our understanding. It drives our expectations. It drives our insight - it gives us our Viewpoint.

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Building a Bridge

Building a

We are building a bridge - between IT vendors and the businesses that need their service.

Sitting in the middle of the buyer / seller equation gives us a unique opportunity to connect the two, and along with that, a unique viewpoint. We are able to listen to our customer's needs and with no vendor ties, bring the very best to the engagement.


Our promise to you - we will always price our services reasonably. We want your project to be a success - we don't want the cost of our services to impact it.

We know we can add real value and that will hopefully see you work with us time and again. 

Variety of Coins

Insight@ Heart

Every service that Viewpoint Analysis offers has our expert knowledge of the global IT vendor community at the heart of it. We spend our time understanding IT vendors so that we can introduce the right vendor to the right customer requirement at the right time.

This Vendor insight enables us to differentiate vendors from one another. It enables us to introduce the right vendor to the right customer requirement. It enables us to educate executive buyers. It enables EVERYTHING that we do and we love it.




One of the key ingredients in our 'secret sauce' is our Viewpoint Analysis Technology Expert Team. This a group of individuals that are specialists in their particular marketplace. It may be they are experts in data or ERP, or perhaps they know HR systems inside out and back to front. They are hand-picked to work alongside our team to bring focused skills in any given market that may be of interest to our customers.

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