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The Technology Matchmaker Service is our fixed-price initial market assessment solution. It's ideal for businesses that are just embarking upon their next technology requirement and want to quickly find and speak to IT vendors that may be able to help them.

The Viewpoint Analysis team takes responsibility for writing up the vendor briefing document, guiding and advising on the most suitable companies that may be able to help, making contact with the vendors, and hosting the initial presentations. A one-stop packaged service to quickly get your team engaged with the very best technology vendors that can meet your needs.

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Missing piece of the jigsaw

We act as a one-stop shop for your initial vendor assessment. We:

  • Write up your requirements in vendor-friendly language.

  • We advertise and promote your project amongst the vendor community.

  • We recommend vendors that you really need to know and take part in your project.

  • We prepare the vendors ahead of engagement.

  • We schedule and host the vendor presentations.

  • We offer independent guidance to determine the shortlist and, if required, we can run a vendor selection process as the next step to purchase.

Let us 
guide you

The primary role of Viewpoint Analysis is to understand the technology vendors that work across the enterprise marketplace.

We research the market. We hold relationships with the key vendors. We just need to know your plans and your business - and then we can work our magic and guide you toward the best technology opportunities.

Any requirement, any location, any industry - just tell us your need and we will do the rest.

How, what happens?


It all starts with an initial conversation. We want to learn about your proposed project and what you are looking to achieve.​

We then write this up in vendor-friendly language and we socialize your project with vendors that we feel can deliver what you need.

We host a Matchmaker Presentation where the vendors present how they can help you. You just need to sit back and listen. It's a great way to assess your longlist before deciding whom to downselect to your shortlist.


Find out more about our Matchmaker Service in our Technology Matchmaker Service Brochure. 

Whatever your requirement - the Matchmaker will bring the right vendors to your door.

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A Packaged

The Technology Matchmaker Service is a fixed-price offering designed to accelerate the technology market assessment without breaking the bank. Saving your team time and energy to focus on the day job. Priced at just £7,500+VAT, it packs a punch!


Selection process options and choices


Have you done your initial market sweep and have your shortlist but now need to run a selection process? The Technology Matchmaker Service is not for you, but good news - we have one heck of an approach. The 'Meet My Need' selection process saves you time, money, and stress without the need for an RFP. But if you need to go down the RFP route, our 'Rapid RFP' is the quickest approach you can take.

We publish a series of FREE 'Technology Longlist Guides'. Each looks at a different area (e.g. HR technology) and suggests vendors that may be worth your consideration.

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