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Our Technology Options and Ideas services are designed to bring technology that can change the game for your business or your department. If you aren't sure what technology can help you - these are the services for you.

Our primary role at Viewpoint Analysis is to understand the enterprise technology market. We research the vendors and we hold relationships with vendors in a variety of technology sectors. So, who is better placed to connect you to tech companies and to bring those new ideas to your table?



The central service in our ideas and options area - the Technology Ideas Workshop. Designed to bring ideas to your department, division, or company, directly from the vendors themselves.

If you need new technology inspiration but don't know where to turn - this is the answer for you. Let us be your guide and help bring you technology ideas to drive you forward.

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If you need some initial ideas for new technologies, take a look at our FREE Technology Longlist Guide. Each edition features a new technology area and the vendors we think you should look at in your initial market sweep - or Longlist.

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Our CxO Technology Carousel is designed specifically for business leaders that understand that technology will play a crucial role in their company or department's success but just need a guiding hand to find the right technology provider or platform.

The Viewpoint Analysis team will work with you to understand your business and/or a specific department. Our aim is to then determine where you believe your biggest technology weaknesses are such that we can use our experience to bring a selection of vendors to meet with you.

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Our Technology Roadshow is where we bring a defined group of vendors to present to you and your team. Similar to the Technology Day but the line-up is predetermined and follows a specific theme for the day.


Looking to do your initial market assessment and see what's available to meet your technology requirements? Download our FREE whitepaper discussing how to build your initial longlist of potential suppliers.

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Get in contact. Let's talk through how we might bring new ideas and inspiration to your business!

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You need?

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Have you done your initial market sweep and have your longlist but now need to run a selection process? Good news - we have one heck of a better approach. The 'Meet My Need' selection process saves you time, money, and stress....and will bring back more and better responses.