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Technology Ideas

Our Technology Options and Ideas services are designed to bring technology that can change the game for your business or your department. If you aren't sure what technology can help you - these are the services for you.

The Technology Ideas Matchmaker and our Technology Day are both designed to bring ideas that you can put into immediate action. Introducing world-class technology vendors and their viewpoint on how you can benefit from their solutions.

Then, when you know you have a potential project, our Project Matchmaker is where we run the initial market assessment - replacing the need for an RFI.


The central service in our ideas and options area - is the Technology Ideas Matchmaker. Designed to bring ideas to your department, division, or company, directly from the vendors themselves.

If you need new technology inspiration but don't know where to turn - this is the answer for you. Let us be your guide and help bring you technology ideas to drive you forward from the world's best technology companies.

Finding new technology ideas to implement across a business
Technology day agenda

Think of the Technology Day as your own bespoke tech conference where you select the vendors you want to hear from. The Technology Day is a forum for you and your team to sit back and listen to what's available in the market - you tell us who you would like to hear from and we will suggest others worthy of consideration - and then we'll create and host the day just for you!

If you know what you want to buy (e.g. a new ERP platform) and now need to understand what vendor options are available to you, our Project Matchmaker services will engage you with the right vendors to meet your need and conduct your initial market assessment.

The Project Matchmaker is the start of your vendor selection process, the initial market assessment ahead of shortlisting.

Our Project Matchmaker conducts the early stages of your IT procurement requirements by finding the vendors that can help you.


Looking to do your initial market assessment and see what's available to meet your technology requirements? Download our FREE whitepaper discussing how to build your initial longlist of potential suppliers.


Get in contact. Let's talk through how we might bring new ideas and inspiration to your business!

Get in touch with Viewpoint Analysis

Know what
You need?

Vendor selection process choices

Vendor Matchmaker Call

Do you know about our FREE Vendor Matchmaker Call? Tell us your business challenge and we will do two things:

1: Give you a list of vendors that we think would be useful for you to contact about your project.

2: Suggest the most suitable selection process to find your preferred vendor.

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