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The Technology Matchmakers
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Book your FREE Technology Matchmaker Call

Book a FREE 30-minute call with our team to review your project requirements and we will recommend up to five vendors that can meet your need and suggest the best option for your selection process

How does it work?

Looking for new technology ideas for your business? The Technology Matchmaker brings new ideas directly from the vendors


A free 30-minute call to discuss your business challenge and technology requirements.​ We are keen to understand more about the project and what you are looking to achieve. It's a simple non-technical call with the aim of assessing the software or services that might be suitable.

What Will You Get?


At the end of the call, we will capture the output of our conversation and provide a list of technology vendors that we believe will be helpful for you to contact.

We will also suggest our viewpoint on the most appropriate approach to the market assessment and vendor selection.

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Who are we?

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The Technology

Viewpoint Analysis act as a Technology Matchmaker. We help businesses to find and select enterprise technology that meets their needs.

Our services are designed to help our customers to go from initial project ideas (with our ideas matchmaker) to full vendor selection - and everything in between.

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