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Vendor Selection

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Rapid RFX

Do you have a technology requirement and now need to get on and find your vendor options and make your technology choice?

Our Rapid RFI (RRFI) and Rapid RFP (RRFP) processes take the weight off your team and see Viewpoint Analysis run your vendor selection - from market assessment to shortlist, and from shortlist to preferred vendor decision.


What's more, each is a super simple process that shortcuts the traditional approach and saves your team time, money, and heaps of problems.

Our Rapid RFI (RRFI) Service is designed to conduct your initial technology market assessment in double-quick time.

We aim to introduce you to the very best technology vendors that can satisfy your need - and then quickly shortlist those that you really like. 

We handle the whole process for you - writing up your requirement as a short problem-statement document, and liaising with the vendor sales community. With you and your team every step of the way.


  • We interview your team to understand the need.

  • We work with you to build your long list of vendors.

  • We write the RFI document in vendor-friendly language and issue it to the tech companies.

  • We use our network of vendor contacts to shortcut access to the sales team and handle all the initial qualification calls.

  • We run the process - briefing the internal and external teams and hosting the vendor presentations.

  • We guide and advise on your shortlist options.

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Rapid RFP

Our super-quick RFP process, the Rapid RFP helps business leaders to select their preferred technology in a matter of weeks. We lead the process and guide the buying team every step of the way.


We write the RRFP document, host all the initial vendor sales qualification calls, host the vendor Q&A calls, and schedule and host the RFP presentations. Bringing our unique insight from hundreds of similar engagements.


But we aren't just here for the RFP process, we are here to help you every step of the way to project sign-off. Included in our fix-price package is:

  • Vendor Head-to-Head Report - comparing your final bidders in a simple to assess report. 

  • Deal Mediation - our expert guidance to help with any negotiation roadblocks.

  • Pre-Purchase Report - our report looking in depth at the vendor and their service - ideal for your board papers.

How Rapid?

Both the RRFI and the RRFP are designed with speed in mind. Too many companies make a project of the vendor selection stage, delaying the project and the resulting ROI. Our approach is all about streamlining the processes to help move through the selection process in a timely manner, and keep the vendor onside. 

Each process aims to find a decision in weeks, no months, but we will also be guided by the needs of the business and selection team.


We Are

Viewpoint Analysis brings a completely different approach to your RFI process: 

  • We are ex-vendor sales - our network of key vendor contacts is unrivaled and we know how they work, inside and out. 

  • We run the RFI / RFP process for you - taking the pressure off your team so that they can focus on their day jobs whilst we take care of the process, sales engagements, and admin.

  • Our process is designed for speed - the longer we take on the initial market assessment, the more momentum your project loses. 

  • We build the processes around a 'problem statement' and design it for the vendors to showcase how they can help you. We bring out the best from each vendor such that you get the best ideas and project approach


Would you like to know more about our RRFI or RRFP services If so, drop us a note below to request a callback.

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