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RFP Process

If you need to run a quick RFP - our 'Rapid RFP' service may be what you need.


We aim to complete the selection process and find your preferred vendor quickly! How do we do that? We:

  • ​Provide Pre-built RFP templates.

  • Write the vendor briefing document.

  • Aim to Invite a maximum of 5 vendors.

  • Shortcut vendor sales qualification.

  • Brief participants on one combined Q&A call.

  • Offer commercial and process guidance.

We take the weight off your shoulders. No need to spend weeks developing an RFP question spreadsheet. No need to spend hours calling the vendors and sitting on lengthy investigation calls. No months of delay to your key project.

This is what we do - let Viewpoint Analysis help you to quickly select your preferred vendor so that your project can start delivering the business value your need it to.

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How does it work?

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We aim to restrict the number of RFP recipients to five unless more is absolutely necessary. Any more than this slows down the process considerably. At the RFP stage, the initial market assessment should already be completed. What we are looking for in an RFP is to select the preferred vendor from the key contenders.

If you are still in the market awareness phase, our Rapid RFI (RRFI) might be what you need first.

We use our pre-built RFP templates and then add any specific requirements that you need for your project. 

The intention is to keep the process quick and easy - we want the vendors to respond and therefore we reduce barriers (such as RFP length) wherever possible. Having a pre-built template also reduces the time and effort that the buying team need to devote to building an RFP (or finding a version that works).

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Viewpoint Analysis has an extensive vendor network, which means that we can quickly bring vendors into the conversation. One of the most time-consuming elements of any RFP is traversing the vendor qualification process. Our network and our Vendor Briefing Document work together to reduce this substantially.

Our decades spent working in vendor sales mean that we know what the sales team needs to see to make a quick qualification decision. We write the Vendor Briefing Document in vendor-friendly language (including key sales qualification answers) to help reduce the need for additional calls.



We host one virtual question and answer session (Q&A) that we call a Supplier Panel. We invite all the RFP recipients as a key way to speed up the process. It also helps to build transparency for the vendor sales teams as they know the same information as their peer/competitors.

We don't just run the Rapid RFP. We guide you at every step - that includes a vendor 'Head to Head' comparisonDeal Mediation if things come unstuck, and a 'Pre-Purchase Report' to support your investment case. Anything we can do to help take the pain and delay away, we will try to do it. We want you to find the best vendor to meet your needs.

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Want to learn how to run your own Rapid RFP - download our whitepaper to hear the inside scoop!


Would you like to know more about our Rapid RFP service? If so, register your interest at the link below.

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Other Services

The Rapid RFP service is clearly designed to move to a preferred vendor in a super-quick time. If you prefer to move more slowly, we can still run the RFP process for you, but we approach it in a different way. 

Whatever your goal, we are here to help.

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