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Refer a project

If you know of a customer who would be a great fit for our services, why not refer them to us. Our referral scheme is designed to say thank you for referrals that lead to a customer call, and additionally, any referral that leads to a service contract. Referrals can earn gift cards up to £100 or €100 depending upon the location of the referee.

What are we 
looking for?

We are looking for referrals to customers who need help to select and purchase new enterprise technology. 

Maybe they are looking to run an RFI but need to move things along quicker? Maybe they aren't sure who can help them and may need help selecting and contacting with the right vendors?

Download our referral document to see what we are looking for and the terms of the referral incentive.

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If you have a referral, please just complete the referral form here and we can get the ball rolling!

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