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Rapid RFI
IT Market Assessment

Our Rapid RFI (RRFI) Service is designed to conduct your initial technology market assessment in double-quick time.

We aim to introduce you to the very best technology vendors that can satisfy your need - and then quickly shortlist those that you really like. 

We handle the whole process for you - writing up your requirement as a short problem-statement document, and liaising with the vendor sales community. With you and your team every step of the way.

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How Does
It Work?

We take care of the RFI process for you - handling everything you need to conduct a quick but extensive market assessment:

  • We interview your team to understand the need.

  • We work with you to build your long list of vendors.

  • We write the RFI document in vendor-friendly language and issue it to the tech companies.

  • We use our network of vendor contacts to shortcut access to the sales team and handle all the initial qualification calls.

  • We run the process - briefing the internal and external teams and hosting the vendor presentations.

  • We guide and advise on your shortlist options.

How is it

We believe that the RFI stage should be quick and simple. It is all about talking to a range of vendors and finding out which ones are potential partners, and which ones aren't. 

How do we reduce the time needed for an RFI? We:

  • Shortcut connections to the vendor community.

  • Use our pre-built RFI templates to publish quickly.

  • Arrange and host a regular cadence of vendor calls.

  • Provide pre-built score sheets to find your shortlist.

  • Encourage the team to move quickly throughout.

The quicker we can get to the shortlist, the faster the time to value.

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We don't mind what your technology need is, the Rapid RFI is designed for ANY enterprise project requirement. From AI to a new finance system, and from an ERP solution to a new CRM platform. Whatever the need, the Rapid RFI process will fit.

It fits any technology requirement because it is a simple approach. We work with you to understand what you are looking to achieve in your project. We write that up in vendor-friendly language in an RFI document. We approach the market, speak to the various potential vendors, and invite them to respond. Simple.

We Are

Viewpoint Analysis brings a completely different approach to your RFI process: 

  • We are ex-vendor sales - our network of key vendor contacts is unrivaled and we know how they work, inside and out. 

  • We run the RFI process for you - taking the pressure off your team so that they can focus on their day jobs whilst we take care of the process, sales engagements, and admin.

  • Our process is designed for speed - the longer we take on the initial market assessment, the more momentum your project loses. We streamline the RFI process and change the rules of the game.

  • We write the RFI as a 'problem statement' and design it for the vendors to showcase how they can help you. We bring out the best from each vendor such that you get the best ideas and project approach


The Rapid RFI is the precursor to our super-quick RFP process, the Rapid RFP. The RRFP (Rapid RFP) helps business leaders to select their preferred technology in a matter of weeks. We lead the process and guide the buying team every step of the way.


We write the RRFP document, host all the initial vendor sales qualification calls, host the vendor Q&A calls, and schedule and host the RFP presentations. It also comes with a bundle of services to help drive the business case and vendor decision. Bringing our unique insight from hundreds of similar engagements.  

Here to help

Full procurement support


Viewpoint Analysis will be with you every step of the way. We have engaged in hundreds of selection and procurement processes. We know the way to make the process work for both the buyer and vendor of technology. We know how to make the process seamless - and to take the delay, friction, and politics away.


How do you choose your preferred vendor? There are so many technology options out there in the market. Our latest whitepaper tells you how!

How to select your preferred vendor whitepaper
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Would you like to know more about our RRFI technology market assessment? If so, drop us a note below to request a callback.

Read more about our four key services in the technology vendor selection area. Helping businesses to find technology at every stage of their procurement journey.


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