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Our 'Technology Ideas Matchmaker' is where we introduce you to a range of different technology vendors with different ideas for how they can help you, your business, and your company. 

First, we work to understand you and your current situation, or ideas that you have for the future strategy. We then document this in vendor-friendly language and approach the technology businesses that we (you and us) believe can address your challenge. 

The Matchmaker can be used for a number of different purposes:

Let us 
guide you

The primary role of Viewpoint Analysis is to understand the technology vendors that work across the enterprise marketplace.

We research the market. We hold relationships with the key vendors. We just need to know your plans and your business - and then we can work our magic and guide you toward the best technology opportunities.

Importantly - this is YOUR Ideas Matchmaker. We have no ties to the vendor community. We go and find the vendors that meet your requirements. Every matchmaker is different because ever requirement is different.

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Ideas, Ideas,

There is one thing we promise you - at the end of the Ideas Matchmaker, you and your team will have a range of new ideas for how technology can help transform your department, division, or business. 

The remit that we set the vendor participants is that they need to bring new ideas. The aim is to propose solutions that you can pick up and run with immediately. Ideas that might create a new project.


It all starts with an understanding of your current situation. We want to know about your current situation and plans. What are you hoping to achieve from the matchmaker? 

Once we understand the challenge that you are looking to address, we do two things. Firstly, we write up a short briefing document so that we can share this with the technology vendors. We then build an agenda for the Matchmaker by contacting the vendors that we believe can bring the latest ideas to your business.

The Matchmaker can be delivered in one morning, one day, or over a series of days. Whatever works best for you and your team. They can also be delivered each quarter if you are looking for regular ideas and inspiration.

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Viewpoint Analysis arranges everything - all you and your team need to do is to sit back and listen to the ideas and suggestions.

We contact the technology vendors. We propose the agenda and timings. We host the event from start to finish and we do a full handover to connect everyone once the day is complete.

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Looking to do your initial market assessment and see what's available to meet your technology requirements? Download our FREE whitepaper discussing how to build your initial longlist of potential suppliers.

Know What You Want?

The Technology Ideas Matchmaker is designed for businesses who need new inspiration and fresh options. If you already know what you want, why not try our Project Matchmaker? The Project Matchmaker is where we bring vendors to address your specific upcoming project and forms the first part of your technology procurement process.

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Register your interest in the Matchmaker and we would be delighted to explain a little more.

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