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Matchmaker for
Higher Education

Higher Education is undergoing a rapid transformation, and technology is a defining part of this change. With providers competing for students, staff, and prestige, technology improvements can be a game changer for them.

The Viewpoint Analysis, Higher Education Technology Matchmaker, is designed to support the digital improvement of Universities and Colleges across the sector. Using our Viewpoint Analysis Technology List - featuring over 4,000 vendors from within the HE sector and beyond, we bring a depth of knowledge of the new and exciting tech companies from home and abroad.

What challenges does your institution face? What technology do you think you need to be aware of? What are your digital plans and aspirations for the coming years? 

Let us help you find new technology ideas or select vendors to help take you to a new level.

What technology is important to you and how may we help?

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Find New


If you are looking to find new technology ideas, our Technology Matchmaker Service is for you. We will write up your challenge, contact suitable vendors and invite them to present how they can help you - just sit back and listen.

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Select New


If you want to select new technology, our Vendor Selection Service will guide you through a super-fast and efficient technology selection process. Our Rapid RFP (RRFP) is designed to take the stress and time out of a traditional technology selection process.


Download our Higher Education Technology Matchmaker Brochure to learn more about the different aspects of our service and how we can help you find and select your new technology partner(s).


If you are looking for technology to help your specific department rather than industry, take a look at our list of Technology Areas (in the website heading dropdown) to find how we help your line of business - from HR Director to Finance Director, and from Data to Customer Experience (CX) - focusing on technology that is important to your specific areas of remit.

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Looking to do your initial market assessment and see what's available to meet your technology requirements? Download our FREE whitepaper discussing how to build your initial longlist of potential suppliers.


Would you like to know more about our Higher Education Technology Matchmaker? If so, drop us a note below to request a call back.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What technology areas do you cover with the Higher Education Technology Matchmaker?

We cover the full software and services marketplace. As a Technology Matchmaker, Viewpoint Analysis simply connects customers with a need, to those Higher Education technology providers that can deliver the solution to the need. Our job is to understand what the institution really needs, and then bring the right vendors to the table to be able to offer suitable solutions.


As such, we provide the Technology Matchmaker Service to any line of business. From HR and Finance and from Marketing to Operations and Supply Chain. We also perform this service for the CEO and his/her executive leadership team, or the Board of Directors.


How can Viewpoint Analysis help us with our Project?

The Higher Education Technology Matchmaker introduces technology vendors that can help with particular issues. Our job is to understand the marketplace - so that when our customer needs those new technology ideas, we can quickly bring the right technology vendors to the table.

If our clients know what they need, we run market assessments (our Technology Matchmaker) and RFPs (through our Rapid RFP service) to quickly find the right technology to meet their needs.


Do you only work with certain software vendors?


No, we are not tied to any software vendor and do not receive any compensation for introducing our clients to them or bringing them into a selection process. We only work on behalf of our clients - you. Our service is built to help the business teams to find and select new technology and therefore we will go to whichever vendor can offer the right service to our client. Furthermore, we only act as a matchmaker - meaning that we bring the different vendor options, but ultimately it is the customer team and their leadership that make the vendor selection.


How long does a Vendor Selection Process take to complete?


We strongly believe that a software selection process should be quick and easy - both for the customer team and also for the software vendor and systems integrator (if applicable). There is a business requirement that is driving the selection process, and we want to make sure that our clients get on to implementing the tech rather than running a vendor selection process. Our Rapid RFP is designed to quickly find and then select the right technology vendor for the customer - we expect the process to be completed in a few weeks (an average of 6 to 7 if we go from a standing start).

Can you run an RFP process for us?

Yes, we can run an RFP but our vendor selection process is not an old-school RFP process, it is super-quick and super easy to run. We want the process to be simple for the buying team and simple for the technology vendors. We want to drive the software selection decision in the quickest possible time - whilst getting the right solution. We also want to build a partnership between the IT vendor and the business team.

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