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The 'Technology Day' is your own technology conference but built just for YOU, your team, and your business.  Who do you want to hear from? What do you want to learn? What technology projects do you have coming up?

We take care of the full event. From inviting the vendors to hosting the Technology Day. 

Your Own
Tech Event

In one day we will bring the cream of the world's technology vendors to your business. It's your own technology event - designed just for the elements that you are interested in, so which vendors do you want to hear from?


It's designed to help you and your business to keep up with the latest developments in the technology world and to potentially find that new idea that starts a project which creates a change.



It all starts with an understanding of your business. What do you do? Where are you looking to head? What technology do you have today and where are you struggling? 

Once we understand the challenge that you are looking to address, we do two things. We build a list of potential vendors that you might be interested in, or which we feel might bring real value to you. We then contact the vendors and invite them to your Technology Day.


Which vendors attend. Where it is hosted. The number of your company attendees. You decide.

Know What You Want?

Maybe you know exactly which vendors you would like to feature in your Technology Day. That's fine by us. We will build them in and curate the event together with you.

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Made to

The size of the event is up to you. Maybe it is a small session for your immediate team or your executive leadership. Or maybe it is for the full department or company. 

It can be a simple remote event where your team and the vendors dial-in from home, or at a conference venue with full AV facilities. It's really up to you. 


Viewpoint Analysis arranges everything - all you and your team need to do is to sit back and listen to the ideas and suggestions.

We contact the technology vendors. We propose the agenda and timings. We host the event from start to finish and we do a full handover to connect everyone once the day is complete.

Under The Bridge
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Want to know more about the Technology Day? Download our sales brochure below.


Get in contact. Let's talk through your requirements and we promise to bring vendors that can change your world!

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