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Technology Matchmaker? What's one of those?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

So you may have seen that we have made a little change to how we describe the work that we do at Viewpoint Analysis. We are Technology Matchmakers.

You might wonder why we made this change - and what the heck a Technology Matchmaker actually is. Well, you are in luck, as that's exactly what this short blog is all about. So, if you are sitting comfortably, here we go!

We are a bit different....

It has been a little difficult to explain who we are and what we do. The Viewpoint Analysis business model is a new concept, it's not a replica of anything that is out there in the market right now. That makes it difficult to put a tag on exactly what it is we do.

Since the formation of the company, we have talked about how we are 'building a bridge' between businesses that need technology, and the great IT vendors that can help them with this. We've also had two strands to the business - one helping customers to select enterprise technology, and one helping IT vendors with our Sales Team Services area. But trying to explain this in simple terms - has not been very easy.

When you think about it - we operate right in the middle of the buyer/seller equation. We aren't a reseller of technology. We have no vested interest in any vendor. We aren't implementing like a systems integrator. But we are bringing technology vendors to speak to and present to buyers. We are operating in the middle of customers looking for new technology to solve a particular business issue, and vendors that are looking to find those very businesses so that they can sell what they offer.

That's where the 'Technology Matchmaker' description comes in. We are matchmaking. Across our two areas, this is exactly what we are doing.

For business leaders looking for new technology - we are helping them find the right technology to meet their needs. We are introducing them to the vendors. We are hosting 'Technology Days' and 'Technology Idea Matchmakers' to bring new vendors with new ideas to help them. We're running market assessments so that businesses can see the breadth of options open to them with our Project Matchmaker. And we're running Rapid RFPs to bring a swift conclusion to the selection process.

For IT vendors, we're matchmaking on the other side of the fence. We're helping them get to know their prospective customers better with our Account Research. Helping them market to customers that they don't know much about through our ABM Research. We're helping to overcome issues and uncover challenges between the buyer and seller with our Loss Interviews and our Deal Mediation Services. We're also introducing IT vendors to senior business executives through our Meeting Matchmakers.

In Summary

So a Technology Matchmaker - is what are and it's what we are doing day in and day out. We're bringing the buyer and the seller together in our unique way. We are a bit different but we now know how to put the right label on what it is that makes us so different.

Find out more about our Technology Matchmaker services here.

Does it make sense? Let us know!


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