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Do you sell when you buy? Here's why you should.

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

The next time you buy enterprise technology - keep in mind that you are also selling.....

What do we mean by that? 👇

If you want the very best technology vendors and partners to engage in your project you need to make sure you are selling your project to them. If not, you run the risk that they 'qualify out' of the running.

The market-leading vendors - even the biggest and the best, have finite resources (e.g. limited time and limited technical teams). They also, rightly, only want to pursue projects that are a good fit for the technology that they sell and where they think they have an opportunity to win your business. As such, it's really important to sell your project from the outset - for example:

* Be clear on your need - why are you in the market and why do you need to buy something now?

* Talk in the vendor's language - when are you looking to buy? What does the buying process look like? Who is the sponsor for your project?

* Don't issue an RFP with hundreds of questions without having a chat with them first..... please do not do this!

* Explain how many vendors you are looking at - and why you want them to be a part of the process. Be open and tell them who you are looking at, it can be a big help.

* Be clear as to how you are going to make your decision.

* Demonstrate a level playing field - show what the vendor will need to do to earn your business.

* Explain the timing and sequence of the process.

* Be aware that the sales team will need to justify the decision to bid for your business. They will need to explain why they are investing time and resources in your project - and will be asked regularly for updates by various members of their management team.

If you fail to sell your project - you risk limiting your options and ultimately making a selection decision that you may regret. Always sell - and sell regularly, as part of your buying process.

Do you do this?


If you are soon to be entering the market to buy enterprise technology and feel unsure about how you safely 'sell' your project to the vendor community, we can help. Check out our Technology Ideas area to see how our Technology Days and Vendor Introduction Services work to bring the vendors to your door by giving them the right information to ensure they want to work with you every time.

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