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An important part of what we do at Viewpoint Analysis is to shine a spotlight on new and exciting technology businesses. In this post, we look at the start-up Dealstream - a business that is determined to transform a core part of any business - the sales function.

In a nutshell, Dealstream uses artificial intelligence to drive sales team performance improvements - learning from how the very best sales team members do what they do, and then improving the rest - raising them to become as effective as the top 5% of performers. They call it Revenue Intelligence.

Dealstream deploys the technology as an overlay to any existing sales-based technology. As such, if the sales team already uses Salesforce or another CRM tool, or if they use technology like Gong, it is not a matter of ripping and replacing, but rather the aim is to connect to the APIs and bring that data through to the 'deal stream'.

What we like about is how they have thought carefully about how artificial intelligence can help a business to drive improvements in the sales department. It's a great example of how machines and humans can work well together and how harnessing AI can drive multiple facets of customer engagement.

If Dealstream might be of interest to you and your business, they are on the lookout for interesting early adopter customers, development partners, and more. Vendor Profile

Dealstream can be featured as part of our Technology Day or AI Technology Matchmaker Services if you would like to learn more about them and what they do.

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