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Introducing the 'Viewpoint Analysis Technology List'

Viewpoint Analysis Technology List

Looking for new technology that can fire your business to the next level? You are not alone; every company is looking for that next competitive advantage, fixing issues with its current infrastructure or bringing in new technology to solve a problem. As a Technology Matchmaker, it's the job of the Viewpoint Analysis team to keep ahead of the latest developments and help customers find and select new technology - and that's where the 'Viewpoint Analysis Technology List' comes in.

What is the Technology List?

If we were to ask you to name all the tech vendors you can think of - you might get into three figures, and that's if you know your onions. Clearly, there are multiple thousands of vendors on the market - all competing for your attention, and that's where the Technology List comes in. Even the best and most knowledgeable CIO can know only a fraction of the options that could transform their IT landscape - we aim to know them all.

The Viewpoint Analysis Technology List contains all the movers and shakers in enterprise technology - it is the 'who's who'. The Viewpoint Analysis team is responsible for creating and maintaining the most comprehensive list in the industry - featuring thousands of companies. It covers software and technology businesses of all shapes and sizes—from startups to mega-vendors—and from every category in the market.

What do we do with the list?

The Technology List underpins pretty much everything that we do at Viewpoint Analysis. It ensures that we have our finger on the pulse at all times and can help our customers with our dual goals - those being:

  • To help businesses to find and select technology.

  • To help technology vendors to be found.

Helping businesses to find and select technology.

The Technology List provides a comprehensive viewpoint on the tech vendor community. As such, when a company is looking for specific technology to meet their needs, we use it to suggest different vendors that might be worth talking to. It's where we start when we provide our Technology Matchmaker or Technology Day service.

Ensuring we have a list of all the available options is crucial - and it's a valuable differentiator for all concerned.

Helping vendors to be found.

The Technology List helps us satisfy our other goal - to help vendors to be found. By getting all the vendors in one place, we can better understand the marketplace as a whole and ensure that we have a grasp of all the different areas and all the potential vendor options.

We use the list to produce various reports and content, such as our Longlists, Vendor Profiles, and much more.


We don't publish the Viewpoint Analysis Technology List as it's a core part of our intellectual property and a central part of the business mechanism. If you would like to learn more about the list or how we work, drop us a note at


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