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Technology Ideas - Week 17 2024

Technology Options

If you are looking for new technology ideas for your business, check out this week's software and tech vendors from our Viewpoint Analysis Technology List, which includes over 4,000 global tech players from every industry sector and business requirement.

Every week we try to bring a selection of vendors to create food for thought. Some companies you will have heard of, some you may not - but all are exciting and doing some fantastic things and they could be helping you too.

This week, we are looking at:

Envoy - one of the vendors we featured earlier in the week - workplace technology that provides an all-in-one solution encompassing room bookings, deliveries, visitor check-ins, and more. 

Vena Solutions - the planning (CPM) tool built to utilize the Microsoft stack of tools, letting the finance and planning teams work in Excel. 

Harri - the Employee Experience solution for frontline workers (think hospitality businesses). Focused on the vital aspects of managing a frontline workforce (e.g. talent acquisition, onboarding, time & attendance etc). Used by many of the brands we frequent daily. 

Upstream - helps customers increase sales using mobile channels. They are leaders in 'mobile marketing automation', focusing on how they can help customers drive revenue through mobile tech.

ThoughtSpot—and its 'AI-powered analytics platform'—provides an easy-to-use self-service analytics solution where customers can search in natural language and get fast results. 

HiBob - is a modern HR platform with a clean user interface that covers many of the major HR tech requirements, from core HR to time and attendance, onboarding, and compensation.

Ab Initio - a data platform provider focusing on complex organizations with complex data needs. 

Go and learn more about them!

Remember, if you are looking for new technology for your business, something that will change the game, take a look at our Technology Matchmaker Service - designed to bring new vendors and ideas to your team.


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