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Our 'Technology Connector' is the opportunity to meet with a range of technology vendors that sit in your area of interest. It's our form of matchmaking. 

We arrange for you and your team to meet technology providers in a series of meetings tailored to your specific needs.

What you use these meetings for is up to you. Maybe it is a precursor to a future project. Or perhaps you want to know more about a specific technology area or what they are doing in the market. It may be so that you can keep your finger on the pulse of the latest technology or are interested in forming an alliance with them.

The Technology Connector is different to our Matchmaker Service. Whereas the Matchmaker is designed to provide a market assessment ahead of a project need, the Technology Connector is for everything else.

These are your meetings - we just make them happen.

Your Industry
Your domain?

The Technology Connector is bespoke to your specific needs but we often focus on a specific topic, industry or domain, and bring vendors that are doing cool things in those areas.

For example, you may be the HR Director and want to know the art of the possible and latest tech in your HR area, or you may be the CTO of a building firm and want to hear from the major technology players in the building industry. 

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Our first step is to talk to you and to understand your drivers for meeting the tech firms - is it for an upcoming project, to keep your finger on the pulse, or for another reason?

We also want to uncover who you would like to meet - do you have specific vendors in mind, or would you like our guidance and suggestions. Some customers look to Viewpoint Analysis to bring new ideas and options to the table, while others have a defined view of the key people and companies they want to meet with.

We also want to know your timescales - our Technology Connector can be built to fit your diary - maybe you want to speak to a new vendor every week, or maybe once per month - or all of them back-to-back. 

It's then down to us. We write up a briefing document, make contact with the vendors, and arrange diaries. It is as simple as that.

Less Stress

The Viewpoint Analysis team are able to connect you to ANY vendor that you want to hear from and we take all the stress away from the initial vendor engagement.

Leave it to us to navigate the sales team hurdles - until you meet the team, there will be nothing for you to worry about.

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Want to learn more about the Technology Connector and how it works?  Download the Technology Connector Brochure below.


Get in contact. Let's talk through your requirements and we promise to bring vendors that can change your world!

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