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As a Technology Matchmaker, you would be right to assume that our number one focus is to help customers find new enterprise technology.

In this area, we work with business and departmental leaders at every stage of their needs = from bringing new technology ideas to their team to full market assessments and super-quick selection processes.

Whatever your level of technical knowledge, whatever your role, whatever your industry sector or location - we can help you find the technology to meet your specific needs.

Looking for

If you are looking for technology ideas and want to learn what the possibilities are - the Technology Innovation Series is the place to start. 

It is a service designed for business and departmental leaders to learn how technology might help them. We work to understand your current situation and then we bring a range of tech options to your table - introducing technology vendors, service providers, and industry thought leaders.

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If you know that you need new technology but don't know where to begin and what your options are, the Technology Matchmaker Service is for you. 

The Viewpoint Analysis team will guide you on your vendor options and introduce a range of potential partners that can achieve your objectives.

The Technology Matchmaker is similar to a 'Dragons' Den' approach in that the vendors will pitch to you how they can help solve your particular need. It's a great way of understanding the different options and whittling them down to a shortlist.

For those wanting to go down the traditional route - we also offer a super-quick RFI process called the Rapid RFI.


The final piece of the jigsaw - vendor selection. When you have your shortlist of options and need to go through a selection process to make your final decision.

At this stage we offer our vendor selection process in the form or our Rapid RFP (RRFP) - perhaps the fastest technology selection process on the market and designed to ensure you can get the right partner, and get on with the project.

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Get In Touch

If you have a need for technology - we would really like to help you. Please contact us at the link below - call us, email us, write to us - whatever works for you!

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