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 Win Loss

Win Loss Analysis - the detailed investigation and customer interview process, is crucial to the success of a high-performing sales team. It is crucial to understand why a sale was lost so that you can avoid repeating the same mistakes. It is equally important to understand why you won a deal - so that you can ensure your team keeps doing the same things in the future.

Our Win Loss Analysis service brings a unique independent approach to loss reviews and loss interviews. As a trusted third-party, we can ask the difficult questions that your sales leaders simply will not get an honest answer to.

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Win Loss Analysis

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Our interview teams are all ex-sales - meaning that we know how to run a customer call and we know how to sensitively ask direct questions.

Each Win Loss Interview takes in the region of 45 minutes and we methodically ask open-ended questions that are designed to allow the customer to talk through his or her situation.

Our independent position - helping the vendor to improve how they sell, helps the interviewee to speak freely with the aim of helping the vendor learn for future engagements.

Win Loss

Download our Win Loss Review whitepaper to understand the 10 reasons your team are losing key deals - from real customer interviews.

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