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Looking For An RFP Template?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Are you looking for an RFP template that can help accelerate your technology RFP and ensure that you get the document out of the door as quickly as possible? If so, we have got you covered!

Our 'Rapid RFP' service is a super-quick way of issuing and conducting a technology RFP (e.g. the purchase of software or services). Our aim is to wrap our help, support, and guidance around your technology purchase such that we can very quickly issue an RFP, to the right vendors, and streamline the process such that duplicate and needless steps are completely removed. A core part of the package is our RFP templates - already pre-built so all we need to do is tweak them to fit your specific need.

The RFP templates are designed to fit any project requirement, we simply make changes to the 'need-specific' elements. Also, as you would assume with the term 'Rapid RFP' - the RFP templates are also designed to be completed quickly and efficiently, meaning that the vendors will appreciate you even more, and will want to be part of the selection process.

How does the Rapid RFP work?

The Rapid RFP is all about driving a smooth and efficient RFP. An RFP that does not take months to complete and therefore enables the project team to get up and running quickly. Our aim with the Rapid RFP is to squeeze the process as tightly as we can, making things much easier and cheaper for the procuring business, and simpler for the vendors to qualify-in' to the process.

It looks like this:

  • We interview the buying team to understand the need.

  • We write the vendor briefing document.

  • Provide Pre-built RFP templates.

  • Invite a maximum of 4 shortlisted vendors.

  • Conduct the initial calls with the vendor teams to save the buying team time.

  • Brief participants on one combined Q&A call (not multiple calls)

  • Offer commercial and process guidance to direct the selection decision.

What does the Rapid RFP deliver?

We believe that the Rapid RFP delivers the quickest RFP on the market. It aims to get from 'what's available?' to vendor decision, in just a few short steps. It tends to delight the procuring business as they can quickly get started on the project (which after all is usually pretty important..) and it also has some amazing hidden benefits:

  • You will find that almost all (if not all) the vendors will agree to respond.

  • It will clearly demonstrate a fair process has been conducted.

  • Less time and energy is wasted internally (e.g. trying to agree on a format).

  • Demonstrable cost reductions as less time is invested in the process.

Where can I find the RFP templates?

The RFP template is a core part of the Rapid RFP service and therefore we only provide them once the service is underway and contracts are signed. but we are happy to talk about their contents and what to expect.

However, we do have a great free RFP template available to download here.

For more information about the Rapid RFP or our RFP-alternative process, the 'Meet My Need service', take a look at our vendor selection area.


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