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The (next to) Last Step In Your IT Purchase Process?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

So, we all know what the last step in your IT purchase process is - signing on the dotted line with your chosen IT vendor and/or the implementation partner. But what's the penultimate step? Well, we believe that should be the IT Investment 'Pre-Purchase Report'.

The Pre-Purchase Report is the supporting documentation that accompanies the final business case and demonstrates to the leadership team that appropriate due diligence has taken place. An independent, third-party viewpoint of the vendor and the deal being made.

What's in the Pre-Purchase Report?

It should include:

  • A 360-degree assessment of the chosen vendor - from financial status to details of their key executive team.

  • Independently sought interviews with existing customers - gaining candid feedback outside of the usual vendor-suggested references.

  • Feedback relating to any 'opportunities' and 'cautions' that the team needs to be aware of.

  • Commercial recommendations and advice.

The report should aim to not only demonstrate due diligence but signal to the signatory that the vendor selection is both correct and a solid decision.

It is important that the work be completed swiftly and diligently - aiming to ensure that there is no more delay than absolutely necessary, whilst ensuring that all the key areas are covered in the appropriate detail.

The Viewpoint Analysis Pre-Purchase Report is one of our four core service streams that take our customers from initial technology ideas through to the final selection and purchase. It sits as part of the Purchase Assurance area - giving customers peace of mind on their technology investment decisions.

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