Helping Businesses Find & Select THE BEST Technology Vendors To Meet Their Needs.

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We are experts in IT vendor selection. Companies approach us when they are looking for technology to meet a particular business requirement. We help take them from the 'longlist' of potential vendors, through the 'shortlist' and to their partner of choice.

From options and ideas to selection processes, and from vendor introductions to technology investment due diligence. The expert partner helping guide the way.

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How do we help businesses find and procure the best technology to meet their needs? 

  • Don't know what your technology options are? Try our Technology Options & Ideas services.

  • Ready to go and do an initial market sweep to find out what vendors are out there and what they can do? Take a look at our Market Assessment services.

  • Know what you want to buy but need to run a quick Vendor Selection to create your shortlist? - we can help with that too!

  • Or maybe you know what to buy but need that final validation to help make the right decision - that's our Selection Support services.



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Our Technology Options and ideas services are a great way to find new technology that can transform your business and to build the 'Longlist'. They are designed specifically for the 'market sweep and assessment' stage.

We know the enterprise technology marketplace - so let us guide you to find the best vendors to impact your business today and into the future.

If you have your Longlist options, our 'Meet My Need' vendor selection quickly gets you to the shortlist without an RFI. A NEW service designed to take the time, stress, and cost out of finding an IT solution to solve your business challenge. On average we save 84% of the time you need to spend on the vendor selection.

Tell our expert team what problem you are trying to solve and we will bring the vendors, systems integrators, and value-added partners to 'Meet Your Need'.

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Which vendor do you really need to meet? Our Vendor Introduction service connects you to the right people in double-quick time. We even write up your requirement in the language the vendor needs to know. Saving time, effort, and stress. One call and we do the rest.

Designed for customers who are running their own selection process but need fast-tracked introductions and for the vendors to be interested to help.



Have you reached an impasse in your negotiations or are struggling to find a way forward despite both the vendor's and your best efforts? This is where our Deal Mediation service comes in.


We have negotiated hundreds of successful deals and offer a unique position sitting between both parties. Let us mediate and find a way forward that works for all parties and gets the project back on track. 

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Our Pre-Purchase Due-Diligence Report gives IT buyers peace of mind and is often the final report before submitting for board approval. Our objective opinion helps to bring an independent viewpoint to increase the likelihood of final sign-off.

We vet the key aspects of the deal; speak to existing users and run a full vendor 360 report to ensure that we have your back.


We bring our full firepower together to provide a complete selection service. We help customers that need to go from 'what technology can help us', through 'longlisting', selection process, selection support to chosen vendor.

We are with you every step of the way.

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Every month we turn our attention to a different solution area and compile a 'longlist' of vendors that we believe customers should be aware of. Businesses that need to be on the 'longlist' of possible technology options. A great way to find news ideas.

We help IT Vendors - helping to inform and guide marketing, sales and product management teams. Our Vendor Services come under our Sales Team Services arm (separate website) and include Loss Analysis, ABM Account Research, Perception Reports and much more.



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One of the key ingredients in our 'secret sauce' is our Viewpoint Analysis Technology Expert Team. This is a group of individuals that are specialists in their particular marketplace. It may be they are experts in data or ERP, or perhaps they know HR systems inside out and back to front. They are hand-picked to work alongside our team to bring focused skills in any given market that may be of interest to our customers.

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