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We help businesses to FIND technology, and help vendors to be FOUND.

Tracking over 4,000 enterprise tech businesses in our 'Viewpoint Analysis Technology List', we have a deep understanding of the global technology market.


Uniquely sitting between the buyers and sellers of enterprise software and services, we use our expertise and network to build a bridge to bring the two together and accelerate vendor selection processes.

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Looking to buy enterprise software or technology? Our Technology Matchmaker Services help find and select the right technology for your needs.

Looking To Find

If you know that you need to find and select new technology for your business or department, we help you find a solution quickly:

  • Do you have a project that needs new technology but you need to run an RFI? Try our Rapid RFI Service.​

  • Already have a list of your shortlisted options and need to run a vendor selection? Our Rapid RFP Service is with you every step of the way.

For vendors, our services are all about helping them to find and be found in a busy technology marketplace.

In terms of being found, Viewpoint Analysis produces a variety of content to generate awareness for technology vendors - from our Longlist Reports and Vendor Profiles, to opinion pieces and sector-specific content.

We also help them to find new opportunities through our account and sector research - ensuring that the sales and marketing teams can delivery the right messaging, to the right contacts.

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Vendor Selection

Technology Matchmaker Anchor

If you have a business challenge but are not sure what technology can help you - you need the Technology Matchmaker Service.

The Technology Matchmaker Service is designed to bring the vendor community to your door. Whatever you are interested in, and whatever your business need, our Matchmaker Service can help.

A simple fixed-price service, we interview you and your team to understand your challenge, write up the vendor briefing document, and speak to the technology community - then host the presentations where each vendor presents how they can help you.

Our Project Matchmaker conducts the early stages of your IT procurement requirements by finding the vendors that can help you.

Featured Service

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Rapid RFI

If you have an upcoming project that needs technology, let Viewpoint Analysis take the weight off your shoulders and run the RFI process to find your technology options.

Our Rapid RFI (RRFI for short) is designed to quickly assess the market. We write the RFI document, contact and brief the vendors, host the Q&A call and RFI presentations.

Quickly transitioning you from 'what's available' to your shortlist of options.

When you have your shortlist of potential suppliers, our Rapid RFP (RRFP) is what you need to make a quick vendor selection.

We run the whole process for you - but not just that, we bundle in a variety of services to help you selection decisions and build your business case. 

Running RFP and full selection processes for enterprise technology purchases
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Want to know what's available in the market and which technology vendors can transform your business? Or maybe you have a potential upcoming project and need to speak to the key movers and shakers.

The Technology Connector is where we bring a range of tech companies to speak to you and your team. Who do you want to meet? 


Read more about our four key services in the technology vendor selection area. Helping businesses to find technology at every stage of their procurement journey.


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Take a look at our latest Longlist Guides - offering suggestions for potential vendors you may wish to include in your software market assessment.

Our guides cover everything from HR software to finance software, and from data software to customer experience technology!


Sales Team

Sales Team Services to help IT vendors to understand their customer better

We matchmake for both the customer and vendor community. Our vendor-focused matchmaking is through our Sales Team Services area. Here we do things like ABM and Strategic Account Research, Meeting Matchmaking, and much more. All are designed to help the vendors to understand their customers.

Our range of services to help you understand more about your market, or your specific target customers. Our range of account and sector research is designed to help you get the right message, to the right contact, at the right time.


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Hand Up Choose Me.jpg

Where Viewpoint Analysis comes into our own. Helping technology vendors to stand out from the crowd and to get their message across. Our Vendor Awareness Services are designed to promote your brand and generate awareness in the market.


If you want to learn about all our overall service offerings for vendor sales teams, download our latest Sales Team Matchmaker Services Brochure at the link below.


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