We are building a bridge between the buyers and sellers of IT through a range of services designed to help both sides.

We help business leaders to find and select enterprise technology, and we help IT vendors to find their ideal customers. A unique position sitting in the middle of the buyer / seller equation. A viewpoint that sets us apart.

Viewpoint Analysis offering full IT procurement services to help customers find and select the right technology to meet their needs.
Looking to buy enterprise software or technology? Our Technology Matchmaker Services help find and select the right technology for your needs.

For those looking to buy new technology, we offer a range of 'Matchmaker' services designed to find and select the right technology that meets your need.

From Technology Days and Technology Ideas Matchmaking, to our vendor selection processes (Project Matchmaker and Rapid RFP), we help bring amazing technology leaders to your door and streamline your decision process. 

Take a look at our 'Matchmaker Services' in the section below.


For those on the other side of the equation, our 'Sales Team Services' help you to understand your market and customer better, so that you can more easily find them, win more and lose less.

We help with the likes of strategic account research, ABM research, set up peer-to-peer executive meetings, run independent customer loss reviews, and provide deal mediation services.

See more about our IT vendor 'Sales Team Services' in the section below.


Helping IT vendors to improve their sales performance through win loss analysis and account research



Looking for new technology ideas for your business? The Technology Matchmaker brings new ideas directly from the vendors

Our Technology Options and Ideas matchmaker services are a great way to find new technology that can transform your department, business, or industry.

They are designed to provide inspiration for those businesses and individuals that know they need new technology, but are not sure what's available to them. What's more, they are really cost-effective small engagements that really pack a growth punch!

If you know what you want to buy (e.g. a new ERP platform) but need to understand what vendor options are available to you, our Project Matchmaker services will engage you with the right vendors to meet your need and conduct your initial market assessment.

Our Project Matchmaker conducts the early stages of your IT procurement requirements by finding the vendors that can help you.
Running RFP and full selection processes for enterprise technology purchases

If you have your Longlist options, our 'Vendor Selection' service brings you the most comprehensive service that takes you from selection options to procurement - and without the need for an RFI or RFP!

Not only is our selection process the quickest and most efficient way to choose your vendor, but we have also bundled in a host of our individual services - including our Vendor Head-to-Head, Deal Mediation, and Pre-Purchase Report.

If you have a preference to buy via an RFP, our 'Rapid RFP' service aims to conduct your selection process in double-quick time. We aim to get to your preferred vendor in just two weeks by streamlining the service. If you want to make a quick decision and get started with your project, this is a service that will get you moving quickly.

RFP selection process to find your technology solution quickkly
Technology Purchase Assurance - giving complete peace of mind and supporting technology investment papers

You have made your final selection decision - we provide the purchase assurance to try to make it the 'best' decision you could make. 

Our independent assessment looks at all the key aspects of the vendor and the deal. A great way to validate that your team have made a great choice before any purchase order is raised and contract signed.


We bring our full firepower together to provide a complete selection service. We help customers that need to go from 'what technology can help us', through 'longlisting', selection process, selection support to chosen vendor.

We are with you every step of the way.

Complete Selection Service helping customers with a full IT procurement service

If you want to learn about all our service offerings for businesses looking to find and select new technology, download our latest Technology Matchmaker Service Brochure at the link below.



Sales Team

We matchmake for both the customer and vendor community. Our vendor-focused matchmaking is through our Sales Team Services area. Here we do things like ABM and Strategic Account Research, Meeting Matchmaking, and much more. All are designed to help the vendors to understand their customers.



Sales Team Services to help IT vendors to understand their customer better
ABM Account Research to enable IT vendors to understand their customers better and market more intimately.

Helping IT vendors to better understand their customers, our range of account research is designed to take the weight off the sales team and to offer a depth of research that can help the sales and marketing teams to better communicate and open more doors. Ideal for Strategic Accounts and Account-Based Marketing plans.

Who do you need to meet - and why would they and should they meet you?

If you are struggling to get that all-important executive meeting, our Executive Matchmaker is designed to help to connect the dots.


Executive Meeting Matchmaker to arrange customer meetings
Win Loss Analysis Service

Why are your team losing key deals? We can help with that. Let us interview your customer and ask the difficult questions so that you can improve your win rates in the future. 

Our unique independent position enables us to find answers that your logo prevents.


Working on behalf of the deal - under instruction from either the buying or selling business, our 'Deal Mediation' service is where our independent perspective really can help both parties.


Deal Mediation Service to help close more technology projects

If you want to learn about all our service offerings for vendor sales teams, download our latest Sales Team Matchmaker Services Brochure at the link below.



And There's

Technology Longlist.png

Every month we turn our attention to a different solution area and compile a 'longlist' of vendors that we believe customers should be aware of. Businesses that need to be on the 'longlist' of possible technology options. A great way to find news ideas.


One of the key ingredients in our 'secret sauce' is our Viewpoint Analysis Technology Expert Team. This is a group of individuals that are specialists in their particular marketplace. It may be they are experts in data or ERP, or perhaps they know HR systems inside out and back to front. They are hand-picked to work alongside our team to bring focused skills in any given market that may be of interest to our customers.

Viewpoint Analysis Technology Expert Team