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We are Technology Matchmakers. Helping businesses to find and select enterprise technology, and helping IT vendors to better understand their prospective customers.

Viewpoint Analysis offering full IT procurement services to help customers find and select the right technology to meet their needs.
Looking to buy enterprise software or technology? Our Technology Matchmaker Services help find and select the right technology for your needs.

Looking To Buy

Our Technology Matchmaker Service is our service to run your initial market assessment (the 'longlist') and our Rapid RFP is where we run a formal vendor selection including your shortlisted vendors.


We take the stress and hassle away from your team and bring the world's very best technology vendors to your door.

For those on the other side of the equation, our 'Sales Team Services' help you to understand your market and customer better, so that you can more easily find them, win more and lose less.

We help with the likes of strategic account research, ABM research, set up peer-to-peer executive meetings, run independent customer loss reviews, and provide deal mediation services.

See more about our IT vendor 'Sales Team Services' 


Helping IT vendors to improve their sales performance through win loss analysis and account research



Technology Matchmaker Anchor

The 'Technology Matchmaker Service' is designed for businesses that want to do a quick analysis of the technology market and the options open to them. Either to bring new ideas to solve a specific issue, or at the start of a technology project in order to start formulating the shortlist.

Our Project Matchmaker conducts the early stages of your IT procurement requirements by finding the vendors that can help you.

Featured Service

Running RFP and full selection processes for enterprise technology purchases

When you have your shortlist of potential suppliers, our RRFP is what you need to make a quick selection.

The Rapid RFP (RRFP) is designed for those needing to run an RFP process but need to reach a decision quickly and want to reduce the time, effort, and stress of doing it in-house.

If you have made your final selection decision - we provide the purchase assurance to try to make it the 'best' decision you could make. 

Our independent assessment looks at all the key aspects of the vendor and the deal. It is a great way to validate that your team has made a good choice before any purchase order is raised and the contract is signed.


Technology Purchase Assurance - giving complete peace of mind and supporting technology investment papers

Sales Team

Sales Team Services to help IT vendors to understand their customer better

We matchmake for both the customer and vendor community. Our vendor-focused matchmaking is through our Sales Team Services area. Here we do things like ABM and Strategic Account Research, Meeting Matchmaking, and much more. All are designed to help the vendors to understand their customers.



If you want to learn about all our service offerings for vendor sales teams, download our latest Sales Team Matchmaker Services Brochure at the link below.



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