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Vendor Sales Team

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Our Matchmaker Services for the Sales Team can be found in our 'Sales Team Services' area. This is where we help IT vendors to do a number of key things:

  • Understand and target their customers better.

  • Meet the people they really need to speak to.

  • Win more - and lose less - key deals.

Sitting between the buyer and sellers of enterprise technology gives us a unique understanding and helps us matchmaker between the two.


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You have your account list - the accounts that you and your team need to sell to, but where do you start?

Account Profiling is the starting point for many marketing and sales professionals. Finding out more about the company that you need to sell to.

It takes time to do - time that most teams just do not have - and that's where Viewpoint Analysis fits in. Just give us the company names and we do the rest.


ABM & Strategic Account

Our ABM Account Research and Strategic Account Research services help the sales and/or marketing teams to better communicate with their prospective customers. 

We ensure that you understand the business, its opportunities, and challenges, and that you have a full understanding of the key contacts that you really must meet. 

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Our Executive Meeting Matchmaker is our truest matchmaker service - we connect enterprise sales leadership teams to their business peers.

Just let us know whom you need to meet - and most importantly, why they should want to meet you...and we do the rest.

Win Loss

If your team are losing more deals than you think they should - we can find out why. 

Our Win Loss Analysis see us have a one-on-one interview with your customer contact to ask the difficult questions that we promise you will not get the same answers to.

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Acting on behalf of the deal - not the buyer or the seller, our Deal Mediation Service takes advantage of our unique position sitting at the heart of the buyer/seller equation.

If your discussions have gone quiet or if you have reached an impasse in your negotiations, we will unlock the issue or bring clarity so that you can move on - or move forward.

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Alongside our Win Loss Analysis is our Competitor Research service. A key reason for most customers not selecting a vendor's solution is that another vendor outsold them. Our Competitor Research aims to improve win rates by enabling your team to know your competitor better than ever before and to adjust sales and marketing messages appropriately.

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DBM Account

Do you have a new key opportunity entering your sales funnel? Our Deal-Based Marketing Account Research service helps your marketing and sales team to better understand and target your new prospective customer.

Let Viewpoint Analysis research the business so that you can fully understand the customer, their strategy and needs, and the contacts that you really must be marketing and selling to.


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Sales Team

There is more to Sales Team Services - we offer a range of help to the sales team to help them improve their market and customer understanding. Check out our latest brochure.

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