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Who does your sales team regularly compete against and do you really know enough about them to be able to sell appropriately and improve your chances of winning?

Our Competitor Research Service provides a full 360-degree viewpoint on the vendor. Our aim is to uncover what you and your team really need to know to improve your win rates. Our competitor research covers areas such as:

  • Sales Team Analysis

  • Business Strategy and Performance

  • Website and Social

  • Product or Service Analysis

Competitor Analysis done well will ensure that your marketing team can accentuate your competitive differentiators and your sales team can put their best foot forward in every sales engagement.

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Competitor Analysis

Frequent Asked Questions

What is Competitor Research?

Competitor Research is the science of investigating and understanding your competitors such that you can position your product or service in context of the competitor's opposing solutions and messaging.

How do you conduct Competitor Research?

We have a number of research tools to uncover the key aspects that our customers are looking to achieve. These incl

Business Meeting

What do you
need to know?

Which competitor do you need to know better and what do you need to know about them? That's the starting point for our competitor research. It's all about you and your challenge, once we know what that is, we can find the right approach to answer your questions.

Are you losing too many sales engagements against a specific company? Are they targeting your business specifically and do you need a defensive strategy? Do you wonder where they are getting their opportunities from - is it from a better partner network or is their website and advertising working more effectively than yours? 

What do you know about their sales team? Is the average sales rep more experienced than your team? Do they have a better set up? 

Is their product or service head and shoulders above yours? Are they just messaging really well? What is that message?

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We produce account research and profiling for a variety of technology companies across the globe. One example is Nexthink, the Swiss-based Digital Employee Experience vendor.

"You were a delight to work with. You added value to our program as Sales ‘respected’ the opinions and research of a fellow salesperson and someone that had credibility of working in the SaaS environment. You provided a lot of value add and advice which enhanced our program. You also went over and above when we asked you to. The account plans have been very well received and we are now tweaking them so that BDRs can take on this effort moving forward. What you created has built the foundation for our Targeted Account approach".

Laura Blackie, Director, ABM and Partner Marketing



Download our latest whitepaper explaining the area of Competitor Research and what information you need to find in order to provide a full 360-degree view of your competitor.

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Read more about our Competitor Research Service in our sales brochure. All the areas that we will look to find everything you need to know.

Frequent Asked Questions

What areas does our competitive research cover?

We cover any aspect of competitor research - it very much depends on what the customer is looking to achieve. We can research multiple aspects of a competitor's business, from its sales team to its website and traffic - and everything in between. 

We research the competitor across the following areas:

  • Business Strategy 

  • Company Performance

  • Sales Team Structure & Makeup

  • Website (including keywords)

  • Product or Service

  • Job Boards

  • Partners

  • And More.

How long does the competitor research take to compile?

It very much depends upon the breadth of the research but most competitor research reports take in the region of 7 to 10 days to compile. 

Are we limited by the location of the competitor's business?

No, our competitor research service will look at any business across the globe. 

Can we look at the product or service in-depth and compare it to ours?

Yes, the product and/or service tends to be a central element of a piece of competitor research.

Is the service designed for business-to-business or business-to-customer?
Our Competitor Research is built for business-to-business (B2B companies. 

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