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Sales Team Services - helping IT vendors to sell more.

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

With the start of 2022, we bring a change to Viewpoint Analysis Ltd. We welcome a new service area focusing upon IT vendors - Sales Team Services!

With a new website ( we have separated our two major go-to-market areas - one helping businesses find and procure new technology, and the other helping IT vendors to sell. continues to focus on the end-user community and helping them to find and procure new technology to meet their needs. This area will focus on our Longlist Guides and the three services to end-users:

1) CXO Technology Carousel - bringing new, innovative technology vendors to the senior leadership team.

2) The 'Meet My Need' selection process.

3) Pre-Purchase Report - offering due diligence on the decision to purchase from a vendor.

and is all about helping IT vendors to sell more and reducing the admin burden from their sales team. This area features a range of discrete services:

1) Loss Analysis.

2) Account-Based Marketing Account Research.

3) Target Account Research.

4) Viewpoint Panel - where we invite, host, and moderate customer and prospect panels so that vendors can test ideas or ask questions of their audience.

5) Market Perception 360 - where we help a vendor understand how they are thought of by their key stakeholders - from customers to partners and from employees to prospects.

6) Executive Meetings - where we play matchmaker between senior executives.

The split allows Viewpoint Analysis to market and distribute appropriate content to the two main customer areas and will allow the business to grow in to different ways and speeds.

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