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The final step - the big decision. You have completed the selection process and now need to make that all-important choice of vendor.

Our Selection Support services are here to help ensure you make the right decision - either by providing impartial information about your final vendors or by providing due diligence relating to your preferred partner.

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Support Services

Have you reached an impasse in your negotiations or are struggling to find a way forward despite both the vendor's and your best efforts? This is where our Deal Mediation service comes in.


We have negotiated hundreds of successful deals and offer a unique position sitting between both parties. Let us mediate and find a way forward that works for all parties and gets the project back on track. 

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Have you or your team selected an IT product or service but maybe you just need that extra peace of mind that you are selecting the right partner?

Maybe something just doesn't feel right? Perhaps you just want that third-party pair of eyes to be sure? Perhaps you need that independent validation to take it for final approval?

Let Viewpoint Analysis vet the key aspects of the deal and vendor to ensure you make the right decision.

The 'Vendor Head to Head' service provides a trusted supporting document to help compare the vendors across a range of metrics. The aim of the document is to provide a completely independent viewpoint on your options - without any internal bias or vendor influence.

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Are you ready to make your final vendor selection but not sure how to best make the decision? Download our new whitepaper where we discuss the 10 aspects you need to analyze in order to score your final vendors and make your 'preferred vendor' decision.

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