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Head to Head

You have gone through your selection process and now have a big decision to make. The final two or three - but which way do you go? ​

The 'Vendor Head to Head' service provides a trusted supporting document to help compare the vendors across a range of metrics. The aim of the document is to provide a completely independent viewpoint on your options - without any internal bias or vendor influence.

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Our central commitment is that our report will provide an honest and balanced opinion. Providing facts that can be used as the basis for a decision on your preferred bidder. The report has to be objective - all sides need to trust the document.


The 'Head to Head' report will look at the vendors across a range of different metrics. From financial metrics that talk to the stability and future growth trajectory to the health of the local and regional business units.


Our comparison covers upwards of 15 key metrics from every angle and combines to provide a story that can be easily understood. 

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Quick to

Depending upon the vendors that you are looking to compare and the number in the comparison, we aim to get our report to you in double-quick time. 

We know that at such a late stage in the selection, time really is of the essence and the selection panel need a timely response - that is what we provide.


Get in contact. Let's talk through your final selection decision - no matter the industry or sector, we have you covered.

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