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4 Finance Software Vendors You Need to Know in 2023

finance technology - OneStream, Anaplan, BlackLine and Coupa


Finance software can transform a business from the inside out. It can bring stability, confidence, and growth. It is one of the critical core systems that a company needs to be successful and therefore understanding the best software and technology in the finance arena is critical for business leaders and Chief Finance Officers.

Finance Software Ideas - Four Key Vendors

As Technology Matchmakers, Viewpoint Analysis tries to highlight and showcase software vendors from every corner of the enterprise space so that business leaders can find new ideas and improve their departments, companies, or industries.

Here are four finance technology vendors that we think are worth learning more about. Four software businesses that are making a real change in the finance area for thousands of businesses all across the world. Those four vendors are OneSteam, Anaplan, BlackLine, and Coupa.


OneStream Software is a finance technology company that offers a unified corporate performance management (CPM) platform. Their software helps businesses streamline financial processes, consolidate data, and gain valuable insights for better decision-making.

OneStream's CPM platform enables businesses to integrate financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis into a single platform. This unified approach eliminates the need for multiple disparate systems and simplifies financial operations, ultimately improving accuracy and efficiency.

Find out more about OneStream


Anaplan is a leading provider of Connected Planning software. Their platform helps businesses drive performance by enabling collaborative planning, forecasting, and decision-making across various functions such as finance, sales, supply chain, and HR. With Anaplan, companies can connect data, people, and plans in real-time to create a single source of truth for their planning processes.

Find out more about Anaplan


BlackLine is a provider of accounting automation software. Their platform helps businesses streamline their accounting processes, automate repetitive tasks, and enable teams to make data-driven decisions.

With BlackLine's Financial Close Management, companies can simplify audit processes, save time, and improve efficiency. Their Accounts Receivable Automation feature enables faster and more efficient collection of payments, with real-time visibility into global accounts.

Find out more about BlackLine


Coupa is a leading provider of cloud-based spend management solutions. Their platform helps businesses make smarter decisions by leveraging community insights. With Coupa, organizations can effectively manage their spending, streamline procurement processes, and gain visibility into their expenses.

Coupa's spend management solutions offer features like sourcing and procurement, expense management, invoicing, and risk management. Their platform allows businesses to automate manual processes, optimize supplier relationships, and ensure compliance with corporate policies.

Find out more about Coupa

Finance Software Options

Of course, these are just four fantastic software vendors in a sea of thousands of them. Vendors that are helping every aspect of the CFO's remit - accounting software, financial close software, planning software, ERP, and so much more. Our Finance Technology Matchmaker Service is where we open up the whole world of finance software and systems to our customers, helping them to find and select the finance technology that they need for their specific department or business.

With our Technology Matchmaker Service, our Rapid RFI, and our Rapid RFP services, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes to uncover options they may never have known about, and to bring new, exciting software and services to their businesses quicker than ever before.


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