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MDM Software Guide

New Keys

If you are looking to implement a new Master Data Management platform, why not take a look at our MDM Software Guide? The Longlist provides our curated viewpoint on the key Master Data Management Software vendors that we believe you need to look at as part of your MDM software market assessment.

From Informatica to Reltio, and from SAP to Syndigo, the report features ten MDM software providers that will get you started on your Master Data Management market assessment. Add more or choose less, but we hope it is a great starting point for your initial vendor selection plans.

Who Features?

Our ten MDM software vendors that we believe should form part of your longlist are as follows:

  • Informatica

  • Syndigo

  • Contentserv

  • IBM

  • Ataccama

  • Stibo

  • Semarchy

  • SAP

  • Tibco

  • Reltio

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Download the MDM Software Guide at the link below to see our selection of ten Master Data Management technology vendors that we believe should be on your initial market review ahead of your formal MDM selection decision.


What is
Master Data Management?

Master Data Management, or MDM for short, involves the creation of a single master record across a company's applications and data sources. Giving a single version of the truth for a specific category within the business. This may include products, people, locations, and much more.

Master Data Management Software is a category of business application software that handles the creation of a master, through functions such as matching, de-duplication, and enrichment. MDM software is deployed in many of the largest and most complicated global businesses to enable them to run their businesses in a more structured way.


Let us be your guide

If you think you need an MDM solution but don't know where to turn. Or if you know what you want and need help to purchase it, let us be your guide.

As Technology Matchmakers we know the marketplace and can quickly ascertain the right IT vendors and service providers to meet your particular need. Our Technology Matchmaker Service may just be the ticket.

Find out more at the link below:

Master Data Management

There are a number of established and leading Master Data Management Software vendors in the market. The MDM area has been in existence for a number of years and therefore, like most technology categories, the Master Data Management arena has a number of technology options available to customers. As detailed in our MDM Software Guide, the market is mature and consists of industry heavyweights including Informatica, SAP, IBM, and others. 

There has been a recent move to build 'cloud native' MDM software and this is a critical path for most of the Master Data Management contenders. Another key feature is 'multi-domain MDM' - which is about being able to master data across multiple different domains - e.g. people, products, places, etc.

The Master Data Management Software category, like others, sees new software vendors enter and exit over time. Watch out for vendors that are focused on specific domains where there may be a benefit in focusing.


Vendor Selection

We can help to find your MDM software with our range of super-quick, fixed-price selection services. 

Take a look at our brochure to see more about our MDM Matchmaker, Rapid RFI, and Rapid RFP services.

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