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HR Technology

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HR Technology goes through phases - today we are in a major growth phase. This report features over 50 different HR tech vendors that we believe you need to know!

Our HR Technology Longlist Guide will certainly feature businesses that you know nothing about. A number of them are start-up and scale-up. They feature AI, chat, talent, core HR, SMB technology, recruiting - and more.

We hope you find it useful - use it as a platform to explore the fantastic area of HR capability.


Click the link below to download the report and learn more about this exciting area of HR Technology.


Let us be your guide

If you think you need a new piece of software but don't know where to turn. Or if you know what you want and need help to purchase it, let us be your guide.

As Technology Matchmakers we know the marketplace and can quickly ascertain the right HR  IT vendors and service providers to meet your particular need. Our HR Technology Matchmaker is here to help you.

Find out more at the link below:

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