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CRM Software Guide

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CRM software continues to be one of the most popular enterprise technology purchases. Our latest Longlist report focuses on this critical area and assesses a number of vendors that we think might be useful for your initial CRM market assessment. 

The CRM Software Guide - Longlist Report is designed to help customers to make a quick start. Add more vendors or take some away, but we hope that the report gives you a starting point to make progress - quickly. 

Who Features?

The CRM software guide proposes a list of 8 vendors - all of which are global and have been established for a number of years. Perhaps you will know of some, but one or two others might be new to you and your team. They are:

It is a guide that is designed to help you get started with your initial vendor conversations - like most technology sectors, there are many vendors operating in the CRM space and you may have one or two that are in your local market or industry and want to add them too.

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Click the link below to download the report and discover our suggested list of CRM software vendors that might be useful to review in your initial market assessment. 


Let us be your guide

If you think you need a CRM solution but don't know where to turn. Or if you know what you want and need help to purchase it, let us be your guide.

As Technology Matchmakers we know the marketplace and can quickly ascertain the right IT vendors and service providers to meet your particular need. Our Technology Matchmaker may just be the ticket.

Find out more at the link below:

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