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IT Procurement


Our IT Procurement Services are designed to help our customers find and select enterprise technology to meet their needs - quickly.

We help customers with every stage of the procurement cycle - from initial market research and assessment through to RFI, RFP, and ultimate vendor decision.

Viewpoint Analysis can work in conjunction with your procurement team to take the weight off their shoulders, but we also engage with clients where they do not have an IT purchasing team.


Our fixed-cost IT procurement service (starting at £7,500) is designed to offer considerable value and to get the job done with little fuss.

Help At Every Stage

As a Technology Matchmaker, our job is to ensure that we help our customers at every stage of their specific technology procurement needs. 

For those who know they have a technology issue but are not sure what can help them, our Technology Matchmaker brings a variety of technology leaders to present to them - they only need to sit back and listen to the options.

Our Rapid RFI is a super-quick Request for Information process that takes the 'longlist' of options down to a shortlist of ideal candidates.

The Rapid RFP brings a streamlined approach to the traditional Request for Proposal - ensuring our clients go from a shortlist to a preferred vendor in double quick time.



Have you ever heard of a Technology Matchmaker? We suspect not, as there is only one (and that's us) to the best of our knowledge and we created the term! Viewpoint Analysis is all about helping businesses to quickly find and select their preferred technology - and to change the way that technology is bought and sold.

We believe that IT procurement should not be a project in and of itself - it is a means to an end. The quicker we can get through the selection process, the faster our customers can get value from great technology and transform their department, business, and industries. 


Our whole company is built on the concept of speed and streamlined processes. We do the hard work so our customers don't have to. We write the documents, we field the vendor calls, we offer pre-built RFI and RFP documents, we shortcut engagement with the vendor community (we worked in IT sales for decades so know the fastest approach) and we know exactly how we can bring the right vendors to the table.

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Made to

We can help you procure ANY IT platform and regularly help businesses buy a variety of different enterprise technologies - from ERP and CRM software to Planning and Procurement technology. 


Our approach does not change - our Technology Matchmaker Service, Rapid RFI, and Rapid RFP just change to meet the given need of the customer at that particular time. 


Get in contact. Let's talk through your requirements and get started on your next IT procurement service. We'll happily introduce you to customers who can vouch for our approach.

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Read more about our four key services in the technology vendor selection area. Helping businesses to find technology at every stage of their procurement journey.



Our team can help in a given part of the IT procurement process (e.g. just running an RFP) or we can help with the full procurement engagement. 

Whichever element we help with, we are 100% committed to representing our client professionally throughout and often give advice and guidance outside of our particular part of the process.

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