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Our 'HR Technology Day' is where we introduce you to a range of different HR technology vendors - think of it as your own bespoke technology event. We bring the most exciting vendors to your virtual door and you can even select whom you want to hear from.

Whether you are looking at a new project, or are keen to keep up to date with the latest technology, this is a great way to engage your team in the art of the possible.

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What area of HR?

Maybe it is a specific area that you want to look at. How about core HR? Recruitment? Performance? Payroll? Talent? We can focus on one of them or we can look at technologies across the landscape - your choice depending upon your need.

Let us 
guide you

The primary role of Viewpoint Analysis is to understand the technology vendors that work across the enterprise marketplace.

We research the market. We hold relationships with the key vendors. We just need to know your plans and your business - and then we can work our magic and guide you toward the best technology opportunities.

Finger on the Map

Your Own
Tech Event

In one day we will bring the cream of the world's technology to your business. It's your own technology event - designed just for the elements that you are interested in, so which vendors do you want to hear from?


Maybe it's a one-off session to support a technology purchase - but you can also run quarterly events to have a regular opportunity to hear from your key vendors.

Know What You Want?

Maybe you know exactly which vendors you would like to feature in your Technology Day or Technology Carousel. That's fine by us. We will build them in and curate the event together with you.

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It all starts with an understanding of your business. What do you do? Where are you looking to head? What technology do you have today and where are you struggling? 

Once we understand the challenge that you are looking to address, we do two things. Firstly, we write up a short briefing document so that we can share this with the technology vendors. We then build an agenda for the 'Technology Day' by contacting the vendors that we believe can bring the latest ideas to your business.


We aim to bring between 5 and 7 vendors (depending upon the breadth of the requirement and the time that we have available) to present in short, sharp, 45 minute sessions. The day is delivered remotely for the ease of all concerned, but we can also arrange on-site or off-site events.


Viewpoint Analysis arranges everything - all you and your team need to do is to sit back and listen to the ideas and suggestions.

We contact the technology vendors. We propose the agenda and timings. We host the event from start to finish and we do a full handover to connect everyone once the day is complete.

Under The Bridge
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Get in contact. Let's talk through your requirements and we promise to bring vendors that can change your world!

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