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Account Research

Strategic accounts are usually critical to the salesteam's success. They are the big companies in the patch. The prestige businesses with the deepest pockets and most impressive logos. The accounts that should make the difference between a great year, and an average one.

We take the pressure of your salesteam by researching the strategic accounts - which takes an average of 2 to 3 days to do properly. We make sure that you know all there is to know about the account and can communicate with them with insight and knowledge - and ultimately differentiate your company from your biggest competitors. 

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Account Based Marketing
Account Research

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What does our account research cover? Well, it's bespoke to you and your account research needs and therefore that will drive our work. We tend to cover the following areas:

  • Company Strategy

  • Key Priorities & Projects

  • Company News

  • Technology In Use

  • Key Contacts

  • Suggested Messaging

  • Important Terminology to Use

  • And Much more.

ABM Research

Download our latest whitepaper to understand what your ABM Account Research should look like, what you need to know and where you should go looking for it.

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We produce account research and profiling for a variety of technology companies across the globe. One example is Nexthink, the Swiss-based Digital Employee Experience vendor.

"You were a delight to work with. You added value to our program as Sales ‘respected’ the opinions and research of a fellow salesperson and someone that had credibility of working in the SaaS environment. You provided a lot of value add and advice which enhanced our program. You also went over and above when we asked you to. The account plans have been very well received and we are now tweaking them so that BDRs can take on this effort moving forward. What you created has built the foundation for our Targeted Account approach".

Laura Blackie, Director, ABM and Partner Marketing

Example Research

Our previous research has covered a range of different global businesses. Here are just a few examples:

Walmart - Volvo - JP Morgan - Unilever - Citi - Gallagher - Sanofi - Coca-Cola - Santander - AstraZeneca - E.ON - Robert Bosch - and more.

If you would like to see an example of our research, please contact us and we will send a redacted report.

Call us


Would you like to know more about our ABM Account Research service? If so, drop us a note below to request a callback. We will also send you an example of a real piece of research!

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