Vendor Viewpoint

Understand an IT Vendor like never before.

 If you are looking to gain a detailed but concise assessment of a particular IT vendor, the Vendor Viewpoint will point out the key facts that make them who they are.

The Vendor Viewpoint Report provides an overall summary of the business. It covers everything that could possibly be useful - from the products/services that they offer; the leadership team; key customers and our overall 'viewpoint'. 

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Viewpoint Analysis showcase and differentiate IT vendors. Our Vendor Viewpoints are reports that focus on just one vendor and provide a concise, impartial view of the key aspects of their business. Quickly determine all the main facts so that you can narrow down your shortlist and understand how they may be able to help you in your next project.

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What We

Find out whether your IT vendor hits the mark. A key aspect of the Vendor Viewpoint is our opinion - we do this through a section called 'What We Like' - this is where we call out all the aspects that we think make the vendor special. What makes them worth looking at.



The Vendor Viewpoint covers a broad range of categories before ultimately calling out what we like about them. The areas include:

  • Vendor Basic Details

  • Company Snapshot

  • Key Locations

  • Leadership Team

  • Customers

  • Market Buzz

  • Development Milestones

  • Expected Trajectory

  • Competitors

  • Primary Products/Services

  • Vision

  • Viewpoint Verdict



Want to know more about the Vendor Viewpoint? Click below for a recent report that shows how Viewpoint Analysis can help you stand out from the crowd.