Vendor Showcase

Struggling to get that C-level meeting?

 Our version of matchmaking, we help bring world-class IT vendors together with senior business leaders that may have a need but do not know how to solve the problem.

Covid-19 has made the normal interaction between buyers and sellers that much more difficult. In many cases, buyers no longer reside in an office or are more frequently away from a regular location - meaning that contacting them to arrange a meeting and then getting an opportunity to meet is a constant challenge.

Let the Viewpoint Analysis team arrange and host a virtual meeting to make the magic happen.




about us

Viewpoint Analysis showcase and differentiate IT vendors in the global marketplace. Our Vendor Showcase aims to specifically arrange and host C-level meetings between IT vendors and key business executives for a mutually beneficial outcome. Viewpoint act as an intermediary to take the sales/buyer pressure away from the event and through our hosted approach we create the atmosphere to drive value for all concerned.

Business Meeting

White Glove


Tell us who you need to speak to and why this is important to them. Let Viewpoint Analysis do the rest. It's then over to you.


One on one

One type of Vendor Showcase is our Executive One on One. This is where the Viewpoint Analysis team will look to arrange a meeting (or virtual meeting) between top-tier executives in the vendor and end-user business.




The Vendor Showcase offers a vendor an allocated time slot with a C-level (or equivalent senior buyer) executive via a Zoom remote conference call in order to present their product/service or to discuss a specific customer issue. Viewpoint Analysis arrange, host and moderate the call to ensure a smooth process.



Want to know more about the Vendor Showcase? Here is a product overview that helps to explains more about how Viewpoint Analysis can help.