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Our Vendor Services are all about helping sales,  marketing, and product management leadership to improve top-line performance. We look at the key metrics that are important to success so that the leaders can make clear-eyed decisions.

Our Vendor

The Loss Review (and win review) helps the IT vendor move the needle and improve win rates. The best ROI of all of our services - and it delivers quickly. Let's review the hard customer losses but let's look at the customer wins that you are proud of. Viewpoint Analysis will speak to the customers and unearth the nuggets that will improve your in-flight deals and those to come.

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Account Based Marketing is popular - but we know from countless conversations that it is challenging for the marketing team. Knowing which accounts to target is table stakes - knowing whom to contact, their challenges, the company strategy, executive peers to map to...this is where our ABM Account Research comes in....



Whatever difficult question you need to ask - we have a panel for you. How about a win/loss panel? A competitive intelligence panel? Maybe you are launching a new logo/brand or business model?

We will bring the right people to the event. We will host/moderate. We will...make it a success. Whatever your 'unknown' is - we will help you uncover it.

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When you come into a new senior leadership role - Country Manager; Sales Director or Marketing Director, knowing what your customers, prospects and partners think about you can be crucial. Once you know the 360 feedback, you can use your skills and resources to chart a course to success.