Vendor Selection

Our Vendor Selection Process is called 'Meet My Need' and is uniquely designed to quickly engage with the vendor community so that you get proposals on your desk faster than a traditional RFI or RFP process.

In just a few short hops we shortcut the traditional selection process whilst also enabling the vendors to use their world-class knowledge to present how they can satisfy your particular challenge. 

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The RFI process has a place - but there is a better way. The 'Meet My Need' process brings a new, quicker, cheaper, and more professional approach to purchasing technology in the 21st century. Once we narrow the field - then go to RFP or, better still, run a brief supplier run off process.

Out of this world Results

On average our 'Meet My Need' service saves 84% of the time you need to allocate to the initial vendor selection processes - removing initial vendor research, first requirements calls and detailed requirement briefings for all long-listed vendors.

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Let's talk. We just need to understand what you are looking to buy and why. Once we know the need, we can discuss the likely vendors that we might want to invite to the process.

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We write the briefing document. It is not a spreadsheet with thousands of questions. It is a problem statement - the issue that you are looking to fix. We write it clearly such that the vendors have a simple view of the challenge that they are going to try to solve.

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We invite all the suppliers to a virtual 'supplier panel' so that they can hear from you in one go. They can ask any questions and seek clarity before submitting their responses. The Viewpoint Analysis team host and lead the session to take the stress away from your team.

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Vendors submit their responses - how they can meet your need. Unshackled from the form-filling exercise, they can articulate the art of the possible. Bringing new ideas that you may never have imagined.

It's then over to you - select the one you wish to buy or move to a more detailed procurement step.

We hope you will be surprised by our reasonable pricing. We want to help find the right technology partner for you, not to become an overhead that stops the project before it starts.

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Viewpoint Analysis will be with you every step of the way. Once we have understood your requirement we will ensure that each of the interested parties has an initial view of your need. We will arrange diaries, host and moderate the Supplier Panel as well as be the conduit for any additional questions.

Our aim is to reduce the burden upon the procurement team and to ensure a speedy, efficient process that allows your need to be met as soon as possible.


An RFP should ideally be used for your final shortlist and after the initial vendor selection process described above. In this whitepaper, we describe what you need to include in your RFP to have the best chance of success.

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Not ready to start a procurement process just yet and still need to get some ideas together? 

The precursor to our Meet My Need service is our Ideas Service - where we bring ideas and inspiration to leaders. It's a great first step before getting down to a supplier selection.


Would you like to know more about our vendor selection process? If so, drop us a note below to request a callback.

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