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Vendor Selection


Quicker than an

If you are soon to be issuing an RFI or an RFP for a technology purchase, we have a much quicker way and one which will save you and your team time, money - and result in better quality responses from the vendor community.

Our vendor selection service is also so much more than just a selection process. We package a number of our individual services together to help you go from vendor selection process to business justification and everything in between!

Included in the package:

  • Rapid vendor selection process.

  • Our independent vendor head-to-head report.

  • Help with deal mediation and advice.

  • Pre-Purchase due-diligence report to support your business case.

Everything you need to procure your new enterprise technology outside of the legal paperwork!

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The core component of our Vendor Selection service is the process itself. Designed to go from vendor options to selection in double-quick time, we call it the Meet My Need service.

Arriving at your 'preferred vendor' is often a challenge with individual team members having differing opinions. Our Vendor Head-to-Head Report gives you our impartial viewpoint on your options, comparing the vendors across 15 different metrics. 

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Once you have chosen your preferred vendor, the commercial negotiations commence. We act as your advisor and sounding board and can step-in to mediate between the two parties as and when required.

The final piece of the jigsaw is our 'Pre-Purchase Due Diligence Report'. Our independent report is designed to accompany your investment or board case and provides our independent viewpoint on your selected vendor.


Here to help

We hope you will be surprised by our reasonable pricing. We want to help find the right technology partner for you, not to become an overhead that stops the project before it starts.

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Under The Bridge


Viewpoint Analysis will be with you every step of the way. We have engaged in hundreds of selection and procurement processes. We know the way to make the process work for both the buyer and vendor of technology. We know how to make the process seamless - and to take the delay, friction, and politics away.


An RFP should ideally be used for your final shortlist and after the initial vendor selection process described above. In this whitepaper, we describe what you need to include in your RFP to have the best chance of success.

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Not ready to start a procurement process just yet and still need to get some ideas together? 

The precursor to our Vendor Selection service is our Technology Options and Ideas Service - where we bring ideas and inspiration. It's a great first step before getting down to a supplier selection.


How do you choose your preferred vendor? Our latest whitepaper tells you how!

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Would you like to know more about our vendor selection process? If so, drop us a note below to request a callback.

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