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If you have made contact with a technology vendor recently, you know the experience. Often a time-consuming exercise as you repeat your requirements time and again to progressively more senior salespeople.

Our Vendor Introduction Service takes the pain away as the Viewpoint Analysis team deals with all the initial vendor calls. Just tell us your challenge and whom you would like to speak to - we will do the rest

One call

We discuss your requirements on one call.

You tell us which vendors you want to meet.

We might suggest some vendors you didn't even know.

We write up the problem statement in vendor language

We approach the vendors. We explain the challenge. 

We introduce you at the right level.

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A key part of our Vendor Introduction service is our Vendor Briefing Document. We essentially 'qualify' your requirement as the vendor would do. We then provide this information to the vendors - so they know that this is an opportunity they cannot pass up. The document contains everything the vendor needs to decide to say 'yes' and engage with you and your team.

Your Time

We save you time - hours can be spent trying to get the vendor's attention or navigating the pre-sales organization before you get to the team that can help you. We take all that away - and the stress!

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We know

Our team has spent decades working for and with the vendors and our network is wide. We know whom to call to gain the introduction. We know the information they want to know and what is a good opportunity worth engaging in and what isn't. We can shortcut the process and mean that your project can gain traction sooner.

A Free Service

Customers have the choice of two options - a free service and a paid-for service. Both offer the same benefits but in one scenario, a charge is made to the vendor and therefore it can be free to our customer. We can explain more and discuss the right solution for you.

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Put us to the test - tell us what you are looking to achieve and whom you need to connect with.