Want to discover a new IT vendor every day this year?!

One of our most important goals is to educate the market about the full breadth and capabilities of the world's very best IT vendors. With this in mind we have launched a new series on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) where we profile a new IT vendor every weekday throughout 2021. The title of the project is the Viewpoint Analysis "Vendor Insight Snapshot".

This is going to be a fantastic opportunity for our followers to learn a little bit about SO MANY vendors in the IT space - from the very largest to the very smallest. From the businesses that have been in our lives for decades and the ones that are just launching. Expect to see them take part in various activities throughout the course of the year but for now, just learn that little bit more each day and think about:

* Do they do something that may be of interest to you or someone you know?

* Do you have them in your existing architecture? Can you comment on your experience?

* Might they be worth filing away for a future project or requirement?

We are very excited by this new project and are looking forward to learning and getting more insight into vendors as the weeks, months and year goes along. We hope that you can be part of the journey and join us by following on one of the social platforms. You can find us at:

Twitter - @Viewpoint_tweet

Instagram - @Viewpointanalysis

Facebook - @Viewpointanalysis

At time of writing we have Insight Snapshots for a range of vendors:


* Workday

* Salesforce

* Seismic

* ServiceNow

* PagerDuty

* Snowflake

* DataRobot

We hope you enjoy learning along with us!