Viewpoint Analysis and Bridge Building.....

Ok so I guess you are wondering what building bridges has to do with this business called Viewpoint Analysis and the whole area of Vendor Insight Analysis...and you would be asking a fair question, but let us explain how all this comes together...

The most important aspect of our business is IT Vendor Analysis. We don't compare and contrast vendors against one another - we focus our attention on the vendor as an individual business. We want to know what they do and what makes them tick. We're looking for all the reasons why a prospective customer would want to work with them. We then write reports for established businesses (Vendor Viewpoints) and for start-up and scale-up vendors ('One to Watch' reports).The research is at the heart of everything that we aim to do at Viewpoint Analysis. With this unique insight we can start to build bridges between end users that have a 'need' and the brilliant IT vendors and service providers that can help meet those needs.

End User Guidance Services.

The first section of the bridge build is reaching out from the end-user to the IT vendor and ensuring that we help businesses to find the very best IT solutions on the market to fit the requirement that they have. We offer three services depending upon where the customer is in the buying-cycle:

CxO Carousel.

Often times the senior company or divisional leaders may know they have a technology issue but perhaps will not know enough about IT to really understand who can help them. Our CxO Carousel will look to understand the issue - and then introduce a selection of IT vendors that we believe will solve the problem. Viewpoint Analysis will write up the challenge and prepare the vendors. These sessions will be an opportunity for the vendors to showcase how they can help the executive meet the challenge that they have established.

Meet My Need.

For businesses that already know what they need to buy (e.g. a new data warehouse or an ERP platform) we can speed up the process to buying that technology and completely cut out the hassle associated with a formal RFP process. We believe we can reduce the time spent in the pre-sales engagement by in the region of 84% and introduce vendors that can 'meet your need' quickly. We do this by Viewpoint Analysis taking on the burden of qualifying what is needed and preparing the vendors - and then through a Supplier Panel where all interested parties can hear the need first hand. It's quick and easy for buyers and sellers to understand the challenge and then submit a proposed solution.

Pre-Purchase Due-Diligence Reports.

Finally, once an IT vendor has been selected, our Pre-Purchase Report will explore all the key aspects of the vendor decision (including customer reference calls) to give you complete peace of mind. It is designed to be the final report ahead of requesting approval from the board or your executive approver.

Vendor Promotion Services.

The other side of the bridge that needs to be built is from the IT Vendors themselves. We use all of our decades of sales experience to help the IT vendor community to generate more leads. We do this through the following services.

Solution Spotlight Events.

We run virtual events throughout the year focused upon a particular industry sector or technology trend. We then invite IT vendors to present to an audience who are in the market to buy that technology. In the short space of an afternoon, customers can quickly form their shortlist and vendors have an opportunity to present their 'why us' message to a group of prospective customers. Upcoming Spotlights cover 'New Technology', 'ERP' and 'HR Technology' so keep an eye out for the available slots!

Vendor Showcase

Our version of match-making where we arrange meetings with any customer contact. Not only will we make the initial contact, but we'll also host the meeting, moderate the call and write up the actions. It's a great way to bring IT providers and end-user customers together outside of the stereotypical cold-call and using Viewpoint Analysis to focus the discussion.

Executive One on One.

A subset of the Vendor Showcase is the Executive One on One. This is where Viewpoint Analysis will look to broker a conversation between executives at the very top of the business in question. Maybe CEO to CEO or CFO to CFO. Like the Vendor Showcase, we will host and moderate the call if requested but we will also liaise with the respective admin teams to find the most suitable time and format for the call.

Viewpoint Panel.

Finally, our Viewpoint Panel brings together the right customers to answer a vendor's specific question. Maybe it is a win/loss review panel where we investigate why a particular sales cycle went wrong or why it was so successful. Or maybe it is a competitve analysis or a new product development panel. Whatever the 'unkwown' - we can uncover it by bringing the right customer contacts to the right Viewpoint Panel event and format.

In Conclusion.

So there you have it - our primary job is to build those bridges between the IT vendor community and the end-user business community. We want to build as many bridges as we can to make the whole process of buying new IT solutions as seamless and simple as we possibly can. We want to help end-users to understand their options and we want to use our network and deep industry knowledge to find the very best vendor for their particular needs. We also want to help the IT vendors to differentiate themselves and take the awkwardness out of the initial engagement and outreach - and to help them win more business and lose less.

If you have a bridge that needs building (metaphorically of course - but we can always recommend a good engineering team) - please get in touch!