This will get your big decisions right - most times.

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Agility is a critical capability for any business right now. Making quick decisions. Acting upon those decisions and putting new strategies into the market. It might be as fundamental as a new business idea or a new product line - or it could be as simple as a tweak to a logo or a change to a service. Moving quickly is what it is all about. Stealing those few extra yards and getting ahead of your competitor. Agility is high up on the things that you and your business have to display in this new economy.

"Agility is only as good as the decision"

But...let us just slow down one little bit. Agility is only as good as the decision that has been taken. Moving quickly in the wrong direction means that you may as well have stayed where you were. That's not the smartest move. Of course, be agile...but be agile when and where it matters and do your very best to get the job done right.

Moving quickly and getting the decision right is a tough line to tread. One thing that we do know is that gut instinct is a fantastic tool - and so is thought and good planning. But the best way of getting a decision right....well that's simple really, you ask the people who are going to be impacted by that decision. The people who are going to buy this new product. The people who are going to need to take this new service. The people who know what needs are to be catered for and what expectations are going to have to be met.

Let's get feedback from people you know have the answers....

Viewpoint Analysis recently launched a new service - the Viewpoint Panel. The aim of the service is to give our customers that crucial feedback loop. To provide instant feedback from the people that they really need to hear from - combining that crucial planning and 'gut feel' process with the cold light of constructive, third-party feedback. Agility...with trust.

The process is very simple. First we understand what we call 'the unknown' - the question that really needs validating and the answer to which will be so valuable. We then look at the 'who' - who are ideally best placed to answer that 'unknown'. It may be existing customers. It may be a specific person. It may be a group of your competitor's customers. Or it may be a group of people from a specific role or a region. Our job is to understand who you really need the feedback from....and then go and get those people to answer your question. The 'How' is then about how we do that - is it a form of focus group or a series of interviews? Is it a workshop? We will recommend the best approach to getting the answers from the right people. The Viewpoint Panel is then convened (in whatever format that takes) and we bring the right people to the table.

Feedback gives your decision credibility. It gives your team confidence. It allows the clarity that if you follow the path, it leads to the place you need to go. Always go and get feedback. Bet on your judgement by all means but move the odds in your direction. We know that when you ask the right people, the right question - in the right is a game changer and can save time, money and reputation.

So...agility. It's a differentiator, but let's make sure that when you move you move in the right direction. You move with purpose and conviction - knowing you are really going to move that needle in the direction that it needs to travel. Meaning you will get your big decisions right ever time - or at least a lot more often than you would have done in the past.

Talk to us about your 'unknown' - whatever that is. We want to hear.