Technology you NEED to know about.....

There are thousands of technology vendors across the globe - start-up, scale-up and established vendors of differing shapes and sizes. They all offer something different and many of them are game-changing. The problem is that when we talk to end-users, they know just a handful of them - and usually, they are the big established vendors.

The new vendors deserve to be known and the end-users need to know about them. For example, have you heard of vendors like DataRobot, Neo4j, WalkMe or Gloat? Each is changing a market. Each is potentially going to drive your success - or your competitor's success. It will be your choice - knowingly or unknowingly.

As we move through the decade, new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Graph Databases, and others will evolve. But they will evolve in big leaps from one year to the next. They will bring advantages that are yet unknown. Just think - by 2030 - less than 9 years away, how technology will have impacted your industry and your business. Will your business be competitive then? Will the business still exist? We believe it is unlikely unless the whole business has embraced these technologies and used them to your advantage.

At Viewpoint Analysis, we promote, showcase and differentiate IT vendors, across the globe. It is our mission to do our very best to raise awareness of technologies that can drive efficiency and create market differentiation. Expect to hear more about these new vendors. Expect to hear more about these new technologies. Get on board early and monitor how they are progressing so you can bring them in when the time is right for you.