The Viewpoint Analysis  'Partner Roadshow' is where an IT vendor brings its partners together to take part in a series of customer-specific technology roadshows. 

The events take place remotely via Zoom or Microsoft Teams and customers are able to hear how the vendor and their partners are helping to tackle a specific challenge. 

Our Roadshows are always grouped around a particular technology area (e.g. Data Technologies or an industry sector) and the partners complement one another rather than offering competitive solutions.

One on
One Time

The Roadshow offers a great opportunity for the vendor and partners to spend time with a customer and to explain how their solution may be able to help the business.

For the customer - it's a great way to have a group of technology suppliers focus just on them and their needs. In a few short hours, hearing about how technology can take their business a big step forward.

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how does
it work?

The Roadshow is a live virtual event that generally runs between 9 am and 12 noon and features three or four presentation slots.

They are held specifically for one customer and we run a series of them for different customer teams each month. As such, unlike typical multi-customer events, the content is tailored to the company in question. 

The one thing that is fixed is the vendor line-up. We work with the vendor to form a group of partners that work well together and fit a particular technology grouping that will be interesting to customer needs. If you want to choose your ideal vendor line-up, that's our Technology Day.


The Partner Roadshow is FREE to attend. There is no cost to the end-user business. All we ask is for a short briefing call ahead of the event so that we can understand the business challenge and a minimum number of attendees (5) on the day to listen to the vendor presentations.

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All Taken
Care Of

The Viewpoint Analysis team takes care of the event - everything from grouping the vendor's partners and agreeing on the concepts,  coordinating diaries, briefing the presenters, hosting the event, compering the day....The vendor and partners attend their segment.


What makes the Partner Roadshow unique is that all constituent businesses and Viewpoint Analysis, pull together to arrange the meetings. The power of 4 or 5 partners booking new business meetings for all partners to benefit from.

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The vendor and partners can expect to see multiple and consistent leads as each partner brings new appointments. For the vendor, it's an opportunity to create a multiplier effect to the partner team's pipeline.

Want to take part?

If you are a vendor and want to express an interest in a future roadshow, or if you are a customer and would like to enquire about a roadshow for your business requirements, please let us know.​ Note that the events are run for enterprise clients with an annual turnover of at least £250m. 

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