The initial market sweep - searching for and listening to a 'long list' of potential technology vendors, can be both daunting and time-consuming. Our 'Longlisting' or 'Market Assessment' services are all designed to make the process super simple.

Our goal is to ensure you are talking to all the vendors that you need to pay attention to. The vendors that are worthy of your time investment and who might be downselected to your shortlist.

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We publish a series of FREE 'Technology Longlist Guides'. Each looks at a different area (e.g. HR technology) and suggests vendors that may be worth your consideration.

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Tell us your requirement and we will bring a host of the world's leading technology businesses to present to you. Think of it as your own bespoke tech conference where you select the vendors you want to hear from. The Technology Day is a forum for you and your team to sit back and listen to what's available in the market.

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OR perhaps you know whom you need to speak to and just need to press ahead. If you want a warm introduction and to sidestep the usual vendor qualification calls, we can help with that too with our Vendor Introduction Service.


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Have you done your initial market sweep and have your longlist but now need to run a selection process? Good news - we have one heck of a better approach. The 'Meet My Need' selection process saves you time, money, and stress....and will bring back more and better responses.