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At the heart of our Technology Matchmaker Services is IT procurement. We help business leaders to find and select new enterprise technology that meets their needs.

Our IT procurement services span the entire procurement lifecycle - from introducing technology vendors bringing new ideas, through to the initial market assessment and formal selection process, we are with our customers every step of the way.

Where are you in your technology procurement process and how might our IT procurement services help you find the right technology to meet your need?

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IT Procurement Services

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If you are looking for a full IT procurement service, we bring all the elements together (and more) in our Complete Selection Service. In this end-to-end procurement service, we include:

* Technology Ideas Matchmaker

* Project Matchmaker

* Selection Service 

* Selection Support

The Complete Selection Service guides and supports customers along the full procurement cycle.


Download our Technology Matchmaker Brochure to read about each element of our IT procurement service and our Complete Selection Service.

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