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Part of our Technology Ideas area - the Vendor Technology Day is an opportunity to immerse your leadership team in the potential that new technology can bring to the business.

Run across a full day, either remotely or onsite. we bring a selection of technology vendors to present how they might be able to transform your business. 

Let us be your guide

Let's face it, you are in a senior leadership role for a very good reason. Understanding the global technology marketplace is not something you need to be worried about. You know your business - you know where you need to improve. That is enough for us.

As Vendor Insight Analysts we know the marketplace and can quickly ascertain the right IT vendors and service providers to meet your particular need. Our job is to connect the dots. To be your guide. Just tell us as much as you can about your ideas and let us do the rest.




It all starts with our initial meeting or call. We just need a few short minutes to understand what you are trying to achieve and whether the CxO Technology Carousel is the right fit for both of us.

The next call or meeting is where we really drill into the detail. We will be looking to really understand the challenges that you face and we will be documenting the key pieces of information such that we can fully prepare the right technology partners that we think can offer you some value.

As the term 'carousel' suggests - the fun begins when we bring a range of IT vendors and IT service partners to present their solutions and visions to you. We look to run these in individual 60 minute blocks over the course of a week or two - whatever your diary allows. Ideally we would look to keep the carousel to a maximum of 5 partners - but this is often dictated by the breadth of your challenge.

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The Carousel

We think carefully about the carousel participants before we introduce them to you. Every carousel that we put together is different - the topics may be similar but the vendor / service provider list is never the same. They have to offer real value to the given situation - they need to inspire and demonstrate a unique potential solution to the customer issue.


Viewpoint Analysis will be with you every step of the way. Once we have understood your requirement we will ensure that each of the Carousel guests has an initial view of your challenge. We will arrange diaries, host and moderate the various Carousel calls as well as be the conduit for any additional questions.

At the end of the service, we will then ensure that all parties have exchanged contact details and any technology interest can be run by the Carousel participant.

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Get in contact. Let's talk through your requirements and we promise to bring vendors that can change your world!